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Info about having the mirena removed?

Hi all,

I've no end of problems since I had mirena inserted during my lap in August. I've had lots of bleeding, awful contractions and terrible depression but my gynae said I could have it taken out in February so that's what im going to do.

I'm really frightened about having it out though - how painful is it, really? I've put off my next smear test for years because speculums cause me so much pain. I'm thinking of asking if they can do a smear test at the same time to get it over and done with - does anyone know if that's possible?

Thanks :)

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I have only ever had my Mirena changed via surgery/lap but I know someone who asked to be knocked out (general anaesthetic, not club to the head!!) to have her coil changed because of anxiety. I don't see why they couldn't do the smear test at the same time, I know what you mean it's really painful and slightly frustrating when you're asked to relax "it won't hurt"!!

Good luck


I'd gladly be clubbed over the head! I asked the gynae to do my smear test during my lap but because I was having an nhs op in a private hospital thru refused saying the nhs wouldnt pay for it. I asked about having a ga to remove the coil and was laughed at.

It's funny - when I lived in London I broke a tooth and I hadn't been to a dentist for years because I was so scared. They instantly referred me to the hospital to have several sessions of dental work under IV sedation. Apparently having your scarred and messed up lady parts screwed with is less of an issue!

Because of all my symptoms, I had my first smear at 13. They kept coming back as inconclusive and I ended up having it repeated 6 times in 6 weeks, each more violent than the last. I'm quite small downstairs but they didn't use small speculums and the nurse would tell me off for crying. Now I know you're meant to wait 3 months after a failed test. For some reason they kept repeating the tests every year then when I was 21 I had to go for a colposcopy where they took a biopsy of my cervix without any anaesthetic - it caused me so much pain I ended up being admitted to hospital and during that stay they did a lap and found the endo. I had stage 1 cells and I think I had two clear six monthly smears after that - so its been 8 years since I've had one and given my history I'm definitely at risk of serious problems but my experiences of the tests have been so horrific. Believe me, I know deep down that getting cervical cancer would be far worse but I can just never bring myself to make the appointment. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew the nurse would be understanding to my concerns rather than insist it doesn't hurt and tell me to shut up - but you never know what they'll be like.

Sorry, that was a bit of a rant! I didn't mean to go on - and I certainly don't want to put anyone else off having smears as generally most people don't have experiences that are anything like this, I've just been unlucky. It doesn't help that I am generally a small person and I haven't had sex for a long time so I know it's going to be really painful - I can't hardly bear internal ultrasounds, let alone a speculum. Sorry, that was probably tmi!

I think I need gas and air or something to get me through it!



I had my Mirena taken out by my GP. I didn't find it painful in any way. It felt like a tampon being removed.... Sorry for that description !

Best of luck.



Thanks Barbara, that does help. Do they use a speculum or can they get it out without one? The thought of them sends chills down my spine!


Yes I think they have to. But honestly it's nothing compared to having a smear. Be brave and get rid of the ghastly mirena.

Love and best wishes.




I had the same problems with the mirena, I lasted 3 months with it and wanted out. I had it removed in August by my GP, and much like Cuddlybarb i found it ok. I took some naproxen beforehand just in case but it was really easy and quick. Try not to worry about it as if you're uptight it may be a little uncomfortable, but it should be nothing compared to the contraction pain that you're experiencing with it in!!! My GP got me to cough and pulled it out then.

You'll be fine, just remember why you're doing it and relax. All the best x


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