Does prostap 3 work for endo stage 4?

Does prostap 3 work for endo stage 4?

Hi pls can someone help I am 35 and was diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4 in March this year. I've been put on prostap 3 injection for 12 month, I had my 2nd 3 month injection the other day. I am worried it's not working as I have got that dull ache all the time and cramps most days. I have also swelled up again. I am struggling at the moment coming to terms with everything and don't feel very positive about anything. Day to day things are a struggle I am managing to work and do housework, shopping etc but then I know about it afterwards because pain gets worse and I am very tired and achey. I feel pathetic because so many young girls manage to cope with this all the time. I really need some advice of anybody so I can start focusing on what's next and being more positive pls reply I feel I need ant information I can get however small look forward to hearing from you

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  • Although I unfortunately don't have anything helpful to suggest (sorry I personally turned down prostap injections) I just wanted to send hugs as I too am feeling really down about my illness at the moment and now that sometimes it just makes a difference knowing someone is thinking of you :) x

  • Aww thank you I hope you start to feel better soon it is such an hard illness to get your head round thinks it's because we don't look ill

  • Hello, I had had two laparoscopic surgeries to remove endo and afterwards was placed on both prostap and the mirena ( I had stage 4) I was still bleeding and cramping but my doc worked out my cycles and I actually needed the 12 week prostap injection every 10 weeks. I was on this combination for over 5 years until last September when I had a total hysterectomy.

    The combination did help relieve my symptoms- I was also put on hrt at the same time.

  • Thanks for replying I haven't had any surgery yet apart from laparoscopy to diagnose the endo and at the same time they ruptured my large chocolate cyst. I already had a Mirena in as gynae changed it from a copper one. I still haven't been referred to a endo specialist. So did you have prostap for 5 years?

  • Hi - I assume you were diagnosed at a lap so where was endo found as what was done? Were you seen in a specialist centre or in general gynaecology? At best prostap might reduce some inflammation of endo by depleting the supply of oestrogen from your ovaries that feeds it, but with stage 4 you will most likely have scar tissue pulling on organs and/or nerve involvement from fibrous nodules of endo that is not to do with oestrogen and so won't be helped by prostap if these have been left. Once the medication ends the endo will grow again and this is a serious medication that can have serious side effects. Are you taking HRT with it? If you were seen in general gynaecology you will need referring to a centre as NHS protocol requires this stage of endo must only be dealt with by skilled specialists.

    Click on my name and have a look at my first post and the one on pouch of douglas endo to see what you identify with and the one on how to find a specialist. x

  • Hi thanks for replying, I was diagnosed by lap after having ultra sounds, mri to measure a ovarian cyst which was filling up fast and they ruptured the chocolate cyst when I was diagnosed. I am still under a gynae which he said was also a cancer specialist. I don't understand why I have not been referred to a endo specialist. Thanks for letting me know that I should get referred to a specialist. I have been put on livial for hrt. The endo was found all over my insides my ovaries, bladder,bowel and my pouch of Douglas as I was bleeding alot when I had my bowels open especially during my period. It is still very painful to pass urine and to have my bowels open.

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