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What happens now?

I have had problem periods all my life, painful, heavy, had depression etc. I was and my hubby is now in the forces because of this I have seen 6 gynaes in 10 years!

Last year in Portsmouth I had a lap, they said I needed a subtotal hysterectomy but didn't explain why and to be honest I just said OK and left, my hubby wasn't able to come with me and I thought it meant leave my ovaries. In true army life 4 weeks before my hysterectomy was due I moved to west wales. I Gave the new gynaes the letter that I was given. He booked me in for a hysteroscopy, as a result he said Portsmouth were wrong and I had poly cystic ovaries and booked me in for a full hysterectomy. Last week I had the hysterectomy, I came around from surgery, a few hours later the gynaes came to see me and told me he had to leave my cervix as it was completely fused to my bowel and that he discovered I have endometriosis. Then left. Came back the next day, reiterated what was said the day before and told me I couldn't start hrt til I see him in 6 weeks because of the endo.

I have been left with a mass of questions. Does anyone know what will happen now??? Can you have pcos as well as endo? He did tell me that my right ovary was 3xs the size it should be. Can i still have pain even though ive had a hysterectyomy?

X thanks

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Hello,, i have pcos and endo and ado ,,you need to wait until you go back to your gynae and write the questions down you would like to ask him and take the questions with you ,coz every gynae is different ,i have heard women say that they are still in pain ,even after they have had a hysterectomy, but everyones differents,you could go to the top of the page and press on( tags ) click on hysterectomys , and maybe you can read a few stories over other people and there pain after there hysterectomy ,at least you might be able to refer to these women with the same problems as you xxxx


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