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autoimmune disease of any kind as well as endo?

Does anyone here have any auto immune conditions as well as endo, I'm absolutely convinced that my uveitis (iritis), bowel condition and neck and shoulder pain are all connected but each consultant only treats the bit that's to with them not holistically. There are studies which suggest endo should be treated as auto and women with endo are more likely to have auto diseases as well, Id like to get some more info please

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Hi I have an auto immune disease. Last year I suddenly developed an eye problem turned out to be uveitis...was on steroids. Finally discharged from the hospital from eye condition. I have severe endo too. This autoimmune disease called ankolysing spondalysis. When did you have uveitis? Please let me know more about the connection.xxx


I don' have any firm evidence as there is so little research, there is a report online dated 2002, a bit of a follow up in 2010 and some media articles. These all allude to a belief that women with endo have a higher chance of developing auto immune diseases and it should be treated as auto itself, I came on here to see if this is something others have found and maybe connected the clues if you know what I mean. I Googled endo and auto immune disease and looked at all the sites that mentioned these and followed links. I maybe just be clutching at straws not wanting to believe I'm unlucky enough to have all these things separately! I've been having uveitis attacks since 1999 diagnosed with endo 1995. Having Uve flare up at moment and back under the eye hospital but endo soooo much better since having Mirena coil 10 years ago. Yesterday was 1st time anyone in the medical profession asked me about all my symptoms

so we'll see where it takes me when I see the eye consultant in a few weeks xx


It's good to hear that your endo is under control...good luck with your eye treatment as I know how painful uveitis is...stress can lead to uveitis.

At the moment I'm quite tensed as my eno is causing problem. Recently started zoladex..but bleeding on it. It is my second injection. Keep posted


Thanks and good luck with the zoladex. I also have suspected chrons and severe neck and shoulder pain can't turn my head to the right at all these are almost certainly connected to the uve,I'll carry on with the reasearch into the connection with endo and let you know if I find anything

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Hi zoby

Yes, there appear to be more and more research confirming both that endo sufferers are more likely to suffer other autoimmune conditions as well as migraine.. it certainly rings true with myself as I appear to get quite an inflammatory response with my endo (ie my immune system is wrecking havoc with me). I've also got various allergies (not too severe but a nuisance all the same) and palindromatic rheumatoid arthritis.

I tend to try and follow recent research through PubMed, in this case I would use the search words autoimmune and endometriosis. A recent study by Italian researchers is looking at the connection between migraine sufferers and endo for ex.

Good luck, take care



Hello zoby

I have just had my lap done for severe endo and never expected it to be this bad. I also suffered alopecia 4years ago which is auto immune and also IBS. I ahve an appointment with a nutrionist 2moro as im hoping that changing my doet may help me out a little. I have been told that endo is an immune disorder so im now looking to try fix my immunity or maybe its too late and i will always suffer now :(


The study I found is a cross population USA and Canada by Dr M. Sinaii, it can be found all over the net. I've found it under Oxford Publications as well as other leading medical publications worldwide and appears to pretty conclusive edo is in at least partly auto immune and it was quite conclusive that women with endo have a much higher risk of developing auto diseases and allergies. Try these sites: endofound.org ; health.nytimes.com ; ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed; empowher.com/endometriosis/... It worries me somewhat that I was never told of the possibility of a connection and I was diagnosed with endo 18 years ago also what a shame that there's not much more research into this as surely it could lead to a whole different way of treating it. Think I'm gonna have a long chat with my Dr. You may need a Rheumotologist to help with your immunity.


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