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Could it be back this quickly?

Hi everyone,

I have had stage 4 endometriosis for 9 years and have had three laps to exise it, my last one in may 2011.my consultant told me he couldnt remove it all an that I'd still get pain.But then in September 2011 I found out I was pregnant to my absoloute shock.I had a great pregnancy, usual aches and pains but nothing remotely close to the terrible endo pain, and gave birth To my beautiful little miracle Megan in June 2012 by cesarean section.I had the depo injection the month after and I bled really badly so I stopped and tried the pill but had the same problem so I decided to have a break and see if it settled.I've had two painful months now and terrible bleeding for 5 weeks with no break.and today I have had the usual headaches and back aches and nausea.my little girl is only 7 1/2 months old so Im wondering if anyone has had the pain return so quickly?

My family say it can't return this bad so soon so I've been putting off the doctors for fear of them saying the same thing and needing to battle with them to get me an appoinment to the hospital.

Any of your experiences would really help me decide what to do

thankyou xx

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My pain started to return just 2 months after my little miracle was born and I've met other mums whose pain returned within a few months. I also found I had almost constant bleeding for 9 months after (despite taking the pill)- it takes a long time for the hormones to settle down.

But, having my little angel gives me the drive and focus to keep on pestering Drs for answers.



I am afraid it is possible. I have stage 4 and infiltrating endo. I had a lap, then needed follow up surgery to correct post op complications within 8 months which revealed endo was back and there was more of it than prior to the original surgery :-( fingers crossed yours isn't x


Hi guys,

My pain came back very quickly too. Can I ask about the stages? No one has mentioned stages to me...what are they? How do you know? x


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