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Could it be endometriosis?

Hi everyone,

I have found my way to this forum to see if anyone has been through similiar to me.

A couple of weeks ago I started to get lower abdominal pain (a dull ache/cramp on the left side) after my period. It was constant for three days and really starting to worry me so I wnet to the GP. They asked lots fo questions and examined me. Confirmed they could feel some swelling but no lumps.

I have referred for a vaginal utrasound and also had blood tests, as well as doing urine and swab tests for infection, pregnancy and STIs. Nothing abnormal was picked up on the ultrasound and the tests came back fine.

I am still feeling the same pain, alhtough it now seems to shift over the centre of the pelvis or be on the right side occassionally.

I have also had bloating during this time and more discharge which sometimes gushes out. Both are unusual for me.

The only thing that I can conclude is that maybe I have endometriosis. But would the symptons come on suddenly like that?

I have read that the only way to get truly diagnosed is through a laparoscopy. I am worried the doctors will want to watch and wait first but I can't cope with having this pain every day. The area the pain is in ccauses me great stress as I want to start a family in the next couple of years (I am 30 at the moment).

If anyone can give any thoughts or guidance on this I'd be so grateful!

Many thanks,

Sugar C x

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I didn't get symptoms at all until May, where one day I just suddenly had the worst pain I had ever experienced in my pelvis, and since then I have had pain everyday, pain after every time I had sex, constant fatigue, constant nausea, and all the other bad symptoms.

I too had to have ultrasounds, with nothing showing up, so I was referred to a gynaecologist in hospital. I had my first appointment with her Mid September, and from the moment of your first gyno appointment, there is no point in going back to your GP about it (obviously unless you need prescription for painkillers) as they won't be able to do anything as you are now in the hands of the hospital. Anyway I spoke with the gyno and explained all my symptoms her, I had only just started a new pill and she suggested taking the pill for 2 months without a period break and if I still got pain then I could have the laparoscopy.

So unfortunately they will want to wait and watch your symptoms first, but for me I feel my laparoscopy was sped up (I am now on the waiting list to have a lap before 18th Jan, and I have a Pre-op assessment this Friday) because my symptoms were so bad. If you play it up to the gyno about how the pain is constant and every day and how it's affecting you they will hopefully do the same with you.

Make sure you get a referral to a gynaecologist who will be much better help than the GP. I feel your pain though, months of waiting in constant pain really isn't nice, especially when no painkillers like tramadol or co-codamol work. I hope something gets done for you soon! If you have any questions let me know x


Thank you so much for your reply nmartin95 - I will follow your advice and tips.

Fingers crossed for you that the laparoscopy will have very soon and then you can get the help you need. Its not nice at all being in constant pain.

I also have suffered with depression and anxiety really badly in the last 12 months, including suicial thoughts. I put it all down to the fact that I am in a long distance relationship, but perhaps there is a link.



Hi Sugar C,

It certainly sounds like it could be endo. It is such a shame that it takes so long to get the proper diagnosis.

I have found that the only way to get anywhere is to demand the right treatment. You know your body better than anybody and if the pain is that bad the least they could do is find out what's causing it.

I was 'endo free' for two years after my lap but the last few months have been agony and I am certain it has returned. I am on an extraordinary amount of pain relief which does nothing and I can already feel it taking over my life again. I couldn't face going through the NHS route of gastro investigations then pleading for Gynae to see me after heaps of horrible and invasive tests and the stress caused depression and anxiety that I am still having treatment for now. This time I asked to be referred to an endo clinic near me and am hopeful the experience will be better.

Do some research and see if there is an endo clinic near you and ask your Dr to refer you there. Hopefully it will give you the answers and treatment you need.

Take care and good luck




I was referred via go and given choose and book option of selecting the place of treatment on the Nhs which sometimes includes private places that do Nhs work. This list gave me the waiting times at each place and the ability to pick somewhere near me. I would check with go if have this option, if you don't ask you won't get its an Nhs service I would expect most gps to be signed up to.

My advice is get referred sooner then later as there are waiting lists unless you can afford private treatment.


I think it does sound like endo as its the same symptoms I have and I'm recently diagnosed after 3 years of waiting. I started TTC 3 years ago and pains started when I came off the pill. Had my first lap op 3 weeks ago. My pain swaps sides, apparently it's because depends which side your egg has been released from- swaps each month. Hope this helps x


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