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Why are women still being treated with diathermy when it does not work?

We've all heard about excision - why is this not widely available yet? Im hearing women going a good few years between surgeries. I had surgery in june 2010, again in feb 2011 and now facing another op - which will make 3 in 18 months! I have refused as diathermy is leaving me riddled with adhesions which are causing so many problems for me. I need excision surgery but my health board does not offer this yet!

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Unfortunately this happens all to often...you would think that excision would be best but some surgeons are not willing to do this because of the risk to damage to other organs.Its seems only a few are willing to do this.

I Have also read recently that a bowel prep should be used at every lap,this will then give the surgeon a better view and lees likely to miss any endo deposits,again this is not common practice.

I was in same position as yourself had 5 ops in short space of time,ending in having a full hysterectomy,which i knew wasnt a cure,but left me in contant pain from adhesions/and nerve damage.!!!!


My first to ops were with diathermy and endo returned within a couple of months. My last procedure was done by an Endo specialist and excision was used, and things have been a lot better in the last 12 months. Unfortunately its a specialist procedure and consultants have to be trained in it. I agree this is the procedure that should be used!!


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