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Since I've had a rare good day today I decided to do something useful and put together my own version of a pain scale. I often find it difficult to explain the severity of my pain so I've tried to relate it to pain that most people will understand. I taken the universal pain scale and added my own definitions. I've stuck with 1-10 as that's what doctors/nurses are used to:

1-2 Pain can be ignored -for example a mosquito bite

3-4 Pain interferes with tasks- for example really bad toothache, you can carry on a task such as driving a car if you need to

5-6 Interferes with concentration -for example really bad throbbing headache, would not be safe to drive

7-8 Interferes with basic needs- for example food poisoning or migraine

9- Writhing in agony -for example slamming your thumb in the front door

10-Excruciating -for example childbirth/circumcision without pain relief, would do ANYTHING to stop the pain!

When googling pain scales I found one with charlie brown faces, so wrong but so funny.

Feel free to add any suggestions :-)

no codeine yay, 50mg ami, cerezette, loratadine

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Hurraaayyy! for a good day!. Marvellous news :-). I think any scale 1-10 is hard to describe, somedays I find it hard to describe the pain at all....

As always,you have some good examples

Hope your good day stems to tomorrow xxxxxx


This is brilliant, I too use this kind of pain scale. In mine i take into account how i feel overall on a paticular day or time. It also includes things like fatigue, diarrhea, and all symptoms i get. Before the Zoladex pain scale ranged the higher end 5-10 since Zoladex i have had a few 5/6 but mainly 2/3. Although the last 6 days have been 3-4 but i am putting that down to the fact i would have been due on last Tuesday, i am not a doctor but this could be the case. 3rd injection in a week so maybe bring more pain relief :)


its the second one down in the blog.... pure comedy genius....

I like your scale - very spot on


Love it! Just shows how ridiculous hospital pain scales are!


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