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Pre-op tomorrow, don't know what to expect

Hi ladies, hope you are all as pain-free as possible today. I have my pre-op assessment tomorrow morning. I was just reading my letter and it says "please allow at least half a day for this appointment"! Surely that can't be right? I thought it would bea look through the questionnaire I filled in, maybe a blood test, ask questions etc. but half a day?

I've been in pain and had endo symptoms for 6 years now, am on my fourth treatment for it (Mirena) and they found I have adenomyosis in my womb when I had an MRI scan. The Mirena was put in at the end of June and I've had no bleeding and there is no difference in the pain. Out of the blue my consultant decided he wants to do a diagnostic lap - a year after I was refused it for being too overweight. I did lose some weight but now I've put it back on so I don't understand why now it's ok for me to have one. I will mention it to the nurse to get her opinion.

How long has everyone's pre-op lasted? Did they just ask questions and do a blood test? I hope they aren't going to try an internal exam - they tried to do an internal last Monday and they had to stop as it hurt so much.

Annabel x

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I've found that different hospitals do things differently. The longest I had did take all morning. One person did the consent forms, another weighed me, another did the blood tests and yet another did nose and groin swabs for MRSA! Also, appointments rarely run on time! I've got into the habit of taking a book and bottle of water for every hospital appointment. They didn't do an internal exam. The point of the pre-op is to make sure you're fit enough for surgery and that you understand what the surgery involves. It's a good chance to raise any questions and concerns.

Good luck x


Hiya. My pre op involved some questions about my general health and fitness, they stuck some wires on my to check my heart beat, mrsa swabs and i had some blood taken. No internal for me. Hope you get on ok xx


Thanks for the replies. My appointment was for 11 but I had a good 45 minute wait. I was asked questions, mrsa swabs taken, blood test and ECG. Ugh my arm feels like its going to fall off! I was out the hospital by 1pm. Thanks for the advice, now I just have to wait for the lap itself.

Annabel x


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