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Lap in 3 weeks, don’t know what to expect.


Hello ladies, I have a lap in 3 weeks and my boss wants to know how much time off work I will have post op. I also have a 7 year old and a husband who works nights so I effectively do 99% of the childcare. Don’t know what to expect and haven’t heard anything from the hospital apart from my date. No pre op stuff. In seriously bricking it too. I’ve refused the coil now to as I can’t face the thought of having one and having it removed. Thanks for reading my post. X

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Everyone is different and it depends if purely diagnostic or if you’re having excision/ablation but I’d say allow 2 weeks. It depends also what your job is? I’m a medical secretary and after my lap on a Monday I went back on the following Friday which I felt was way too soon. Luckily I had the following week already booked as annual leave. Driving can be a bit sore for a while but I’d say at 1.5-2 weeks I was feeling much better. Definitely take it easy round the house for at least a week, don’t overdo it and just take it at your own pace. The first few days I felt like I’d been hit by a bus quite honestly, but don’t worry you’ll be fine and you’ll feel better and be able to move more comfortably each day.

Good luck x let us know how you get on.

Hello, I had my lap 8 days ago today. I only feel I have been bouncing back since yesterday where I managed to do my first trip to the shop on my own! I am back to work on Tuesday (I work in a uni and I was lucky enough that it closed over Christmas) and I think I will be okay but I will play it by ear (my work is quite stressful but it's not physical, I am sat at a desk).

From what I read the average is between 1 and 2 weeks.

Good luck with your lap! Xx

Hi there, it's usually about a week to two weeks to recover, mostly depends on what they do and where they have to treat. I had my laparoscopy last Tuesday but I will be having around 3 weeks off. It really is very individual and best to say to your employer it could be longer than the average just to give you some leeway if you're not feeling better.

If you can it's a good idea to pre make meals for about a week, as bending over can be very painful, and try not to do any lifting for a little while. It's natural to feel exhausted so if you can, taking naps helps too (obviously easier said than done when you have a 7 year old!). Also definitely worth buying some peppermint tea as it helps with the pain in your shoulders and abdomen from gas build up!

Like you I didn't really have any information given to me about the procedure before the day and any information I had was from copious amounts of research online (the endometriosis U.K. Website has some fantastic info about the surgery) so if you want to know anything about the process please free to message me. Wishing you all the best for your surgery and recovery. X

I'm in the same boat! I have my op in 10 days and have very little idea of what I need to do to prepare or how long recovery will be. I think it depends on what they find and if they remove anything but I'm really nervous! My colleague had one last year and was off three weeks but ended up off again as she returned to work too soon. We work 12hr shifts on a chemo unit so it's busy! I hope you get replies and lots of useful advice, three - six weeks I'm assuming!? Best of luck xxx

Thank you all, those who’ve had it and those about to. My husband has taken 2 days off to help me out so I hope I can cope on my own after that. If not I’m in trouble!!

Hello :)

I’m about to have my fifth lap so I hope I can pass on some tips which I have found helpful.

I think the most important is not to put expectations on yourself. I told myself the first time that I *should* be back up and normal in 2 weeks and gave myself a really hard time when I wasn’t. After laps which have included excision surgery (as opposed to burning/abalation) it’s taken 2 weeks to get back on my feet and around 6 for my energy to come back and to start to feel ‘normal’ again. The first 3-4 days is usually just spent completely resting and getting used to how your abdomen is feeling. It can be a bit of a shock as the surgery scars don’t look like much on the outside but there has obviously been quite a lot done inside. Feeling a bit down about it all is perfectly understandable! If you are able to I would tell your boss it will be 2-3 weeks to be on the safe side.

I found one of the worst things to deal with post-surgery is the shoulder pain from the trapped gas which they fill your tummy with in surgery. Peppermint tea really helps to clear the gas, as does moving around little and often in the first couple of days (even if it’s just a supervised trip from one room to the other). Also eat very lightly after surgery (I have a chunky veg soup) as all the pain killers and anaesthetic drugs bind you up and the first bowel movement can be quite uncomfortable. I really advise asking your GP or consultant for some Laxido, or something similar, when you are discharged. It’s a stool softener and just makes ‘going’ a little easier!!

I don’t have children, but I do have a very needy lap cat and she managed to pop my stitches by jumping on my tummy after my first surgery. I imagine with little ones that could also be a worry so best to keep a pillow on your stomach to avoid any unwanted surprise hugs.

I’ve found that sleeping on my back for the first few nights most comfy but other ladies say they prefer a reclining chair to sleep in as it can be very painful trying to get vertical from completely horizontal. I always have to get my partner to help me up in the night.

I have always been told by various consultants that I can’t drive for a full 6 weeks after surgery due to the wounds healing and in my experience (though it’s different for everyone) it’s very uncomfortable to have the seat belt on my stomach. When you’re being driven home ask whoever is with you to bring a pillow with them to put between your tummy and the seatbelt as it will be far more comfortable.

I would take some pads to hospital with you as you will bleed and they will insist on putting those banana-boat maternity pads in there. They’re very uncomfortable and just being able to change into something a little more discreet always makes me feel a little better. I also find knickers with a waist band that isn’t too tight and either take a sleeping top to hospital (I always have to stay over at least a night due to my other illnesses) or I’ll find loose fitting PJ bottoms.

Do you have any relatives or someone that could help with your 7 y/o for a day or so? I know you said your husband is taking time off but I’m sure having someone else there to entertain and allow you to rest will be a good help.

Some ladies do get a touch of post-surgery blues after a lap - I have a couple of weeks where I feel very blue and down. If this does happen it’s very normal and will ease up, as will the pain. Pain-wise Lots of ladies recommend taking your pain killers as prescribed to ensure they’re not taken off guard by pain (as opposed to not thinking you need to take it and then chasing the pain when it comes on).

I have the coil, I had it inserted during my second lap and it’s honestly been the best decision I’ve made. IF you want to try it but are worried about getting it put in, perhaps you could ask for it to be done during your lap?

That’s all I can think of for now - best of luck with everything and if I remember anything else I will come back and post again :) xxx

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I had my lap done on Wednesday and I wish I had this advice beforehand. I underestimated the op and thought I'd be fine and ready to go out today. Today I've managed to change my knickers and that's about it lol

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Oh bless you!

I’ll let you in on a secret - I haven’t changed my knickers today as feeling so awful and I haven’t even got the (very valid) excuse of being post op! :o - just having a bad flare!

I sometimes like to think that one day my Everest Is a full day being very busy, other days my Everest is climbing the stairs on my own but whatever kind of day I have, I know I tried my best :) so don’t be too downhearted if a good ol’ knicker-change is all you managed!!

Have you ever heard of spoon theory? If not it’s worth a google - It’s a brilliant analogy for those of us with chronic illness and how we manage the days xx

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No but I'm definitely gonna check it out lol. Haha no judgement here on not changing ur knickers, I can't even take all the glory for my knicker change I had to get my partner to help me lol

Letting my husband read this has given him a shock of how serious this is. He know thinks that because I’m 45 that is it worth doing as I could be near my menopause. I just want to be free of pain and bloating. My periods are so heavy that I can’t function for a week. I’m hoping that this will help. I’m not having the coil fitted at the same time as my lap as I can face it being removed in 5 years time. I also know too many people that it hasn’t agreed with. Including my sister. So scared now, and my husband is too!

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