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50 shades of tired

Okay maybe not 50, but I have discovered many different types of tired since I became ill. Since puberty I found I needed more sleep than the average person, especially during my period. But I was always told 'Some people just need more sleep'.

I stepped up the amitriptyline last night which I think is why I slept 12 hours last night plus 3 hours this afternoon and still feel I could sleep more! This type of tired I put int the catagory 'no matter how much sleep I have it doesn't alleviate the tiredness'

Another catagory is the 'codeine-induced tired' which is a general drowsiness due to codeine.

The worst catagory is the 'pain-induced tired' which feeels like every cell in your body is exhausted from the strain of being in severe pain.

Finally is the 'mentally tired' catagory. Tired from the stress and worry of being chronically ill your brain sometimes gives up. I find days like that I indulge my brain in some no-brainer tv such as Come Dine.

Codeine 8mg (for killer headache), 500mg paracetemol, 50mg ami, cerezette, loratine


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Hey ...love this, you describe everything brilliantly!

Worse type of tired for me is when all types you describe are combined...truley miserable times.

Today I walked around Sainsbury's like i needed a zimmer frame. My Dad had to drive me and I was on the biggest go slow and it EXHAUSTED me to the core! I used to b able to shop all day, with ease and enjoyment!

I hate it when I have had to nap in day, due to being drained or drug induced and then it's bed time and you can't sleep or you do and then wake up at silly early hours in pain when you just need to sleep :(

Then the next day sleep deprivation just makes the pain sooooo hard to manage.

Just want to feel normal again...have almost forgotten what this feels like though!

Hope you get some peaceful, correct type of zzzzzz' s



I get INSOMNIA! Top blog as usual ladies... 50 shades of tired. Can you stay awake long enough to read those books? LOL swit swoo ;-).

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully better all round.

PS bad day had for Endo on the bowel, PAIN!!!, spasm and more PAIN! Argh! xx


Hope today has been better for you hun.

I was awake 3-7 and could not get back to sleep even though I was sooooo tired. Think i'm stressing about my op and all the what if's. just need it done now.

Someone i know has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, so has put alot in perspective for me. Sad times :(

Makes me realise, despite my pain, i'm actually in a really lucky situation.



I know, thinhs like that do!. How awful! :-(

I got up at 4pm... major sleep in!!!

Dee xx


yes i can understand we all get tired... have you ever been tested for ME??? i havent but i am always tired too when working 9 hours a day every day except weekend and i get absolutely worn out by the time i get home.... i dont take painkillers.. as mine it minor/moderate Endo but i take Vitamins which is 100mg Magnesium this help to reduce tiredness and Vitamin B-100 Complex and they are so helpful.... so hope you are painfree though


what is ME? thanks


Sorry for the delay of replying as ME is that when you are vey exhausted and tired... Look it up on the Internet x sorry if I am not be able to help.. X


This is exactly what I've been trying to tell everyone including doctors - there are different types of tired! I'd like to add one please... ' weird-heavy-body tired' when you feel generally slightly below average (the new normal!) and it feels really physically difficult to move. Ankles, knees, pelvis and elbow joints feel weird and muscles are 'empty' but heavy... Partic noticeable when going up & down stairs. Because this is not 'pain' doctors didn't even put it in their notes. Until my new chap who is finally taking me seriously! Interestingly though, despite being an endo expert, still doesn't know a huge amount about the fatigue.

Thank you EndoEm for highlighting an issue that I'm trying hard to resolve.



Hi chiligirl, I can relate to that heavy empty tired you describe and mine is due to an underactive thyroid. Have you have your thyroid checked? Many people have the blood test and get told they're 'normal' when they really aren't. Xx


Oh ok good info, thanks. I have had the blood test and it says it's normal. But how do you go about finding out for real? Xx


I would get a copy of your blood results from your surgery (it's your legal right so don't worry if they get funny about it :-) it's your blood after all!). Just ask at reception and they should print out a copy, or have to run it by a doc first then give you a print out.

Then go to the ThyroidUK Healthunlocked forum (http://thyroiduk.healthunlocked.com/ ) and post them on there and see what the people on there think. They are really knowledgeable and deal with thousands of people struggling for a diagnosis so should be able to give you some really good advice. The so called "normal" ranges for thyroid function tests are different in different countries and it just so happens that in the UK it is particularly hard to fall into the "abnormal" category. So loads of "normal" people are actually really quite unwell.

I would also have a look at their website and the list of symptoms which covers a wide range (http://www.thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_the_thyroid/hypothyroidism_signs_symptoms.html ). Everyone's own collection of symptoms is unique to them though so you will most likely not have all of them! But if you do just have a few then it's worth thinking about. It could even be that an underactive thyroid is the cause of your endometriosis... but I am just speculating and am not a doctor! But it's a possibilty.

It's also worth getting your ferritin, B12, vit D etc checked, or getting the blood results for these too if you've already had them done and post the results together with your thyroid function tests. Everything is interlinked.

Hope this helps :-)



bang on you know....with everything you say ...im on at the mo anitriptalyne...tramadol...demarfic acid and codeine wen i need more pain releif...for you headaches ask your doc to let u try sumatriptin..which i also take but only wen ifeel headache coming and they help a lot..my gp said that tramadol and codeine are horrible for headaches and can make them worse.....and chiligirl i was starting to think it was just me who feels that tired all the time...and you explained that weird heavy one fab...goodluck to us all...lol...xx


I hate all those tired feelings! My GP doesn't help with painkillers either! I looked like I was a 9month pregnant lady today the way I waddled round doing shopping, worst thing happened though. My fiancee was helping pull the trolley as I used it for support and the wheel caught his ankle which stopped the trolley dead.....hitting my tummy. I was in so much pain and I tried not to cry which I almost did successfully. But I hate when something like that happens and no one cares and says sorry when you make it obvious it hurt. I am constantly drained from the pain and I wake up early, go to sleep late and I am noticing the change in my attitude towards things. It's definitely something we should all tell our doctors and make them listen as we will not have the energy to fight against this without enough sleep! I hope you all have a lovely nights sleep and a long one and that everything gets sorted for you soon! Well done EndoEm for another great blog!

Leya :)


If there was a 'like' button for your blog I'd have hit it a million and one times. I have never complained about the amount I sleep but my new bf says its not natural and I have "other issues". It is reassuring to read that No, I don't have other issues I have 50 shades of tired :-)

Thanks hun for posting this blog I don't feel so lazy and such a waste of space now :-)xx


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