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Diet and Exercise with Endo

Hi all,

I have been cutting out wheat and gluten and been exercising more - now i am the worst one for exercise and was terrified to move (and literally coldnt) for a long time. but found an understandin Personal Trainer and has really helped build my core strength. admittidly it was excruciating to do in the beginning and had to break through the "Pain barrier" but now little and often im starting to get a balance to my life somehow! still have flareups and pain like i used but just not 24/7

i just thought id share this as a year a go i was extremely depressed and in such a rut with weight. I put on 4 stone in two years since being diagnosed with endo and different meds and contraceptives and got me in a right state with not being able to loose weight like others could. i constantly refunsed to exercise as the pain was so bad! as you all know im sure, but recently this has really helped.

i defo think that gluten plays a part in endo - and eating healthily- which despite my size if you saw me - i have never eaten crap! lol

anyone been able to do any exercise or found something that helps or which they can manage?


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Thank you for sharing your positive experience, I think once I am recovered from surgery I will try and persevere with exercise. Maybe Yoga to start ;-). What exercise do you do?.

Dee x


I suffer with anxiety as well as having endo so decided to give exercise a go. I've started walking for 20 mins a day and it is definitely helping! I feel less pain, more energetic and it makes me feel less anxious. I'm hoping to start pilates soon and increase the length of time I walk.

I'm so pleased you find exercise and diet are helping you :-)

Bec x


Thanks Ladies! good to hear others find it helpful too! determined to stick at it now!

i hear Pilates and yoga are good too! im on the heavy side and get embarrassed and seem to think its only for skinny people so one day i will tackle that thought and give it a go! hehe

swimming is also good :)

Hope the Surgery went well Dee!! keep resting!

And Bec - i also have anxiety issues i know how daunting things can be but you'll get there :)



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