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At Last !!!

Finally after five years of constant pain and 2 years of asking for a lap and being fobbed off with "you're too old" and many, many scans of various kinds later I now have a date of 14th Jan for it to go ahead!! Very excited and optomistic. Weird though that having been told by gynae consultant (well - registrar) that he was finally willing to put this through although only because i grew some balls and insisted. He said it was 18 week waiting list so on same day decided couldn't wait any longer (i have a grandchild on its way in March and would dearly love to feel well on his arrival), i asked my GP to make private referral which he did on 23rd Dec. Anyhow, haven't heard from the private hospital yet but did get phone call from nhs hospital last night with news of op. Very suprised and impressed. Its the only thing that gone right or happened quickly in several years.

Trying to remain realistic though as will have to accept I'm wrong if they don't find anything but for the time being my mood is positive. (shame i haven't mastered the art of positive thinking to reduce pain but can't have everything i guess)

Finding this site a few months ago has helped alot with getting information, hearing other peoples experiences, being able to off load when you are at your worst and knowing that someone else understands exactly what you're going through although it does make me sad that so many women are suffering every day with very little understanding and real help.

I wish everyone good luck against their battle with pain in 2013 and hope its a good year for you. xx

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Hi shorty

I think all of us endo sufferers who have had a lap and been diagnosed with endo have gone through the same worries as you are having now and wondered what if nothing is found during the op.

Have you been offered any hormonal or other type if medication to treat your pain prior to your lap? It is possible for tiny spots of endo to be missed during a diagnostic lap but that doesnt mean to say you are not suffering from it. If you have had a good outcome from prostap or zoladex for example it is likely your pain is due to the presence of endo. There may also be another reason for your pain for example fibroids, cysts etc which the surgeon only discovers once he has made the incisions. Please try not to worry.

I admire your positive attitude and its good to hear you havent had a long wait once your lap finally got the go ahead.

Good luck with the op and please come and keep us updated post-op.

Take care, xx


just wanted to let u know that i had a lap in 2010 which didnt go well, i was in a lot of pain after and was in hospital for a week. i got an infection. this is when they found out i had endo, i was having a lap as i had cysts on my ovarys that were getting too big 8cm! i personally dont think they managed my pain well. but in November i had another lap as been in a lot of pain since 2010 bleeding all the time fainting, feeling tired. my husband kicked up and said enough is enough at the hospital and they made an referal to the specialist unit in Pylmouth. Well what can i say im a totally different person No pain!:)

Plymouth hospital were amazing looked after me very well everything went so well i was out the next day unlike last time. They managed my pain well after i asked for a spinal block as well as a general when i had the op as i was very nervous about waking up in pain which i really didnt want. They were very reasuring and kept me informed at all times. After my lap at 11am and coming out at 1:45 the consultant came round to see me at 2:30. then his assistant came to see me at 6pm. Had no pain at all :) the next day my consultant came to see me again in the morning and said if i feel well enough i could go home! wow i was amazed at the EXCELLENT care they had given me to the hospital i had been in before was totally different. i would not worry if i had to have another lap at Plymouth i could not fault them one bit. fingers crossed no more pain.


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