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Laparoscopy shows PID post child birth infection

Hi I had a laparoscopy done Monday, consultant suspected endo post a pseudomonas pelvic infection after a d&c five months ago after my baby was born. Had similar endo symptoms but the very vague explanation I got from a different doc .(

Consultant ringing tomorrow) is that it shows chronic pid which has been caused by infection due to ret placenta and d&c....I'm gutted, I don't know to what extent I have it but it sounded that it may be iin Fallopian tubes.....having been so fertile before and now this I'm really quite saddened. I'm also still so sore in the pelvic region , I know is early days but how long until toilet duties etc wont hurt or be impossible? Thanks anyone

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Hi there,

Hopefully you are starting to feel a bit more comfortable after the soreness from the lap. It took me a while to recover normal bladder function but I had some endo treated on the bladder so I don't think my experience would help you particularly. If you are constipated that could be partly due to side effects of pain killers (codeine, co-codamol, dihydrocodeine, co-dyddramol, tramadol, morphine etc). Keep drinking plenty of water, eating fruit and veg and if necessary try a laxative from the chemist (like senna). Chat to the pharmacist (you can ask to do this in private) if you aren't sure and consider an appointment with your GP if worried.

Hope your consultant has called you by now and let you know what the implications of your lap findings are. It must all be very upsetting for you and so soon after having your baby. My emotions were all over the place after my surgery and it took a few weeks for me to be thinking clearly so probably best you don't give up hope or make any rash decisions in the early recovery phase.

Hope this helps xx


hi Rockchick, thank you for replying, he did ring but didn't want to discuss all findings in detail and has asked that I come 7th Jan but also to bring my Husband too....I usually attend all appoints with consult just me so we're both worrying as he did say yes there was definitely inflammation but he really wouldn't elaborate....so, Sat still v heavy heavy bleeding with clots (sorry) and this was now 6 days post surg with bleeding getting worse and cramps so my Husband took me back to hosp where they checked for infction blood count etc...they eventually dischg me but awaiting swabs. Doc there (not consultant said she couldn't get my notes as were in consultant's office but did say he would have either asked for both my husband and I to come together to discuss further surg or infertility...one thing which I kept asking way back in June after the d&c then after getting pseudomonas 5 days later (def from the hosp as surgeon tore cervix in d&c and pseudomonas is renound for getting from hosp equip!)...anyway I was worried at the time and kept questioning whether it causes infertility which they shrugged off (all this time after getting ret placenta, having d and c then getting this serious infection not one doctor thought to inform my consultant- he discovered me in a side room when was in for a week on iv antib and said what are you doing here?!''...so am now 8 days post op..still feeling and have been vomitting not since wed) but feeling v sick, no appetite and v v low...to think i've got PID not from an sti(been with husb 14.5 years and had no trouble whatsoever pre baby-never ever had sti's...) but from the hosp- the very place that was meant to ''mend' me after complications after childbirth....and now I could be infertile I feel gutted...x


The whole thing must be really hard for you both. Hope the appointment on the 7th helps



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