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Endo Poetry! My Journey!

Hi all,

Please have a look and share. This is how i mange to deal with my pain.

-love and loss-

My child, my baby, today let it be you.

When you grew a little, when I found out, I was scared. But happy because somehow I knew,

That this time, my little sunshine, you held on longer than the other two.

Nervously, when I couldn't keep it to me I told him,

and hoped that this time maybe he will be supportive.

I question God, myself and my belief

When he questioned it, you, me I thought really?

I was shocked, because he was shocked.

I cried, when I heard him cry.

At that moment Sombre we both were,

To him, it, the time & the space was the error.

My child, my baby, today he still has doubt that its you!

But that's ok, they say, your stronger now, and my angle phase one is almost threw,

Saddened that my joy is mine alone.

but I don't care soon it will be just me and you, my little bundle of joy!

Frightened I am,

but, for the very first time I'm happy.

Grateful I am, too. For you ,I will be the best I can,

I will be the best mummy!

My child my baby today please let it NOT be you,

This pain in me, please let all this be normal.

Oh God, please! No!

Please, I can not let this one go.

My blood I bled, my child I shed.

I'm lost all over again.

My child, my baby, please know that all this, its not because of you.

But tell your sisters that mummy will be with you all soon.



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God bless you xxx


*hug* xx


Thanx guys!


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