Pregnancy can happen...even if told very little chance it will!

Just thought I'd share my experiences very briefly in the hope it gives people a boost of optimism. I have a huge history of gynae a teenager i was diagnosed with unicornuate uterus ( so only 1 ovary would have chance of producing a child), later told extensive endo, and clearly I'd be an IVF candidate. Id had a ridiculous number of ops so some adhesions as well. Oh and I was over 30 when I decided to have children. After a year of trying...I conceived naturally and had a baby ( admittedly at 35 wks). But that's not all ...since that little bundle of joy I've had two more children in quick succession...all c sections and the last two when I was over 35! So don't give up if you're reading this because you may have a history similar to mine...must go their supper needs cooking !

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  • What a great story! thanks for sharing :)

    Currently ttc for my first after getting rid of endo and your story gives me so much hope.

    Thank you :)) xx

  • Thank you for this xx

  • Wonderful story! I just want to add to it by saying that I've had endo for fifteen years now and was told at 39 that I would never conceive naturally and was too old for IVF on the NHS. I was told that IVF was only a slim chance if I paid for it privately, too. I was devastated! I was advised to consider a hysterectomy and was on the waiting list for this surgery when i discovered that I was pregnant. : ) I had my daughter by normal delivery, albeit with an episiotomy and venteuse to help her out as she was facing back to back. Don't give up, whatever your age. The doctors are only human and can often get it wrong! Yellow Rose, I hope this gives you, in particular, some hope, as you're roughly the age I was when i was advised to give up on having children and have a hysterectomy! xxxx

  • Fantastic news! I too was told I had very little chance of having babies due to endometriosis. However, I had an ectopic pregnancy after 5 years of trying then after another year after treatment with clomid I had a baby girl in 1993 - who tragically had Downs Syndromme and died when she was three months old. I then went on to have 8 artificial inseminations - all failed. I gave up....and hey presto I conceived naturally a few month

    s later at the age of 37 (10 years later). How my marriage survived I'll never know! I had my perfect daughter at the age of 38 - and she is now 15! My advice is never give up on something you want so desperately...miracles do happen! I have now just had a total hysterectomy at the age of 53 - goodbye to years and years of gyne problems and endometriosis. Good luck to all those women out there trying to get pregnant. x

  • I love all these stories, thanks all of you, just starting trying, i just got my first negative test today (after 1 month only ttc), and i cant even imagine how much strength i need to go on. You all give me hope and I guess I have to be strong and be optimistic.

    Thank you

    Jo xx

  • great to hear thank you x

  • Fantastic stories! Thank you so much xxx

  • I'm glad this has sparked a few others to share similar stories....when researching things on the Internet it's easy to think you'll follow the same pattern of the 'typical' case...that can happen but there's always an exception to the rule....and who's to say it won't be you! Gynaecologist are always amazed when they see I've had 3 kids ! Great feeling that my impromptu blog has been helpful...thank you for the feedback X

  • Great to hear lots of positive stories. Been on the ttc journey for couple years or so now and there's times you can't see light at the end of the tunnel. But I still have hope and hearing these stories helps with the hope!

  • Wow thanks for sharing and giving me the hope I needed. God bless you and your family

  • Fixme, what a great story. I'm 37 and have just had to end my 5yr relationship as he wasn't as understanding as I'd thought and gave me more stress on top of everything else I was going through with my recent diagnosis of endometriosis. I have stage 4 endo and am currently taking the prostap injection after having a laparoscopy and a failed colposcopy. After the split just after New Years this year I was hoping to get my grove back, get to the gym, get back in shape and get some confidence back, get back out there and find a partner, but the prostap has me feeling so drained most days. I gave up smoking earlier on this year and I felt great but since the injections I've started again as these hot flushes and sleepless nights are really getting me down, but reading your story gives me hope and makes me feel more confident about my age and my position in life right now. Many thanks :) x

  • Brought a little tear to my eye! Thanks for sharing! And I love your last comment 'must go...' Brill! :-) x

  • Reading has given me hope. I'm 39 and conceived naturally

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