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Does cbfm work if you have endometriosis?


I was just wondering if anyone knows if the clearblue fertility monitor works if you have endometriosis. I was thinking about it as the cbfm detects estrogen levels and compares them.to lh levels and so wondered if the high levels of estrogen in women with endometriosis might therefore give an incorrect reading. I have been using the monitor for months and it either gives me just high readings and sometimes peaks but now am wondering if these peaks were wrong and I'm actually ovulating at different times to when it tells me I am.

Also, if it does affect the readings would it be more accurate just after having endometriosis removed during laparoscopy a few weeks ago?


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I don't see why it would not work. Is it testing for a hormone in the urine?

Do you not use the ovulation kit? I use the one by clear blue and they seem to be telling me at the same time every month, shame I'm not pregnant yet. I have a feeling that might not happen for me :(

Maybe you could try bbt charting?

I hope you get baby soon xx


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