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whats the chances of getting pregnant if you have endometriosis?


im 21 years old, and i was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago, however believed ive had it since i was 14. i would love to have children but i want to know what my chances are ovbiously im too young and doing a degree at the moment but feel i could have difficulty but desperately want to know my chances. My boyfriend is extremley supportive and have spoke about kids, but i dont wanna break his heart if i cant. I've got the coil in and had an operation, but its still hanging over me like a dark cloud

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It's impossible for us to say - it is such a complicated business.

Any woman with endo could find their fertility on one or both side compromised if endo is found growing on or near ovaries and fallopian tubes but that doesn't mean it cannot be cleared away, or that it is inevitably block the tubes stopping the eggs reaching the uterus.

After 30 years of endo my tubes were still clear, everthing else was cluttered with endo.

It is pot luck where the endo grows and the damage it can do and no two endo ladies have an identical experience.

Then you can add to the your partners sperm health which would need checking out too,

and then there is the quality of the womb or uterus and its lining. The compatability of your body fluids with the sperm and host of other possible complications.

The main point with endo is to manage the disease to prevent further spread of it by surgery to remove the existing endo and stopping your periods to prevent backflow of menstrual tissue along the fallopian tubes until such time as you are ready for baby making.

Having the mirena coil is giving your body the very best chance of preserving your fertility so well done for that.

No one can predict with any certainty what anyones chances are unless you already know they are zero because of a blockage in which case you have the certain knowledge it will have to be IVF from the start.

If you want to prepare as best you can then I would suggest you set aside funds from any savings and salaries in to a wee nest egg. Keep saving whenever you can.

That way either you will have the money for IVF if that is needed or if you do find yourself conceiving naturally and having a baby you have a healthy pot of funds for junior when the time comes.

Because endo varies so much it would be impossible to keep statistics on rates of fertility for endo ladies. It can never be a simple calculation or a straightforward answerable question.

Thankyou so much for your resonse!



I was diagnosed when I was 21, in 1991. The doctors told me to have babies as soon as possible. (Unfortunately I also have PCOS, which complicated things further)

I had laser surgery after two years of unsuccessful baby making. And a month after surgery I fell pregnant with my first daughter who is now 20. (In1994)

We wanted another baby so I took a fertility drug called clomid. Unfortunately although I fell pregnant I miscarried the baby and needed surgery to remove a large cyst from my ovary. I fell pregnant for my son two months after surgery and he will be 17 on Wednesday.

After another miscarriage I was booked to have further surgery. A day before my surgery, I realised that I hadn't had a period for a while. I did a test and I was pregnant. My second daughter was born in 2000 and will be 14 in August.

I'm really glad I took the advice to have my children young. I was lucky to have meet my husband young and we both decided that we wanted children.

I wish you all the best and hope you are as lucky as I have been.


Barbara x

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Aww thankyou for responding! im happy for you! hope your son had a good birthday! I think perhaps get university out of the way and then start sorting things. I have a doctors scan on tuesday to see the progress of the endo. Wish you all the best x


It's very hard to answer this one as everyone is different I really hope when you do decide to try everything goes well for you. I have suffered since I was 18 (I am now 32) with endo symptoms I always knew in the back of my mind something was wrong and always worried that I couldn't have children. I had my first daughter when I was 25 ( in 2007) took a few months to conceive but all went ok. I then started to suffer sever pain after havin her and was booked for a laparoscopy but found out I was pregnant again to which sadly turned into a miscarriage. I then decided I didn't want any surgery as wanted to let nature take it's cause as I always knew I wanted to try for more children. I then decided to try again in 2011 and I fell straight away in first months (I hadn't taken any contreaceptive or treatments since having my first born in 2007. It was vey hard and I did suffer physically and emotionally and looking back may be I should have taken something but I was so worries about things mucking my fertility up. My second daughter was born in 2012 and I can honestly say other than the miscarriage and problems after pregnancy I didn't have any trouble on concieving. I then decided that I'd been blessed with two beautiful girls and needed to have the surgery so dec 2013 I was finally diagnosed with endo on one ovary, back of womb and on my bladder. I am now taking the progesterone only pill to try and supress cycle as don't like the thought of the combined pill with estrogen being this is an estrogen dominant disease!!! My advise would be to have your children younger and don't leave it too late I know it may not be how you'd planned your life as I was the same but I wouldn't change it for the world. As im so glad I had my girls when I did and didn't leave till in my 30's to have my children. Good luck and wish you all the best but and I hope my positive story can give you some reassurance and hope thy just because you have endo doesn't mean you can't have children naturally all the best nikki x x

Hi, as impatient said it depends where and how bad your endo is. I'm 23, nearly 24 and I have a 6 month old daughter :) I was told at 22 I can't have children and it was my only chance to try or they would give me a hysterectomy. I got pregnant the first month we tried after my surgery! But I had a hard pregnancy and more has grown although I exclusively breastfeed. I have just suffered an ectopic too. I am rare and suffer badly with fast regrowth. My surgeon has even said it, I'm not trying to be self deprecating. Don't worry where you are in life, I hadn't long finished my degree, focus on what you want to do with your life. If kids are your number one thing you want from life then talk to an expert now. If you want to do your career then do that. Having a child when you have endo and no money isn't easy but I could not be happier. She is perfect. Having endo so young is really unfair. Your situation is different to mine while similar. You have to make decisions your friends can't understand but if you're lucky he will understand. My partner holds everything together he is wonderful. Talk to him, be realistic. I dreaded it but actually he made everything simple and wonderful. Good luck xxx

A I was told my endo is in my womb, and going for further inspections as ive had so many issues. I know i want my career first but if i got told to have kids now i think id do it. I'm luckily nearly finished so i just pray i have a window big enough, but who knows aye. I am so so lucky to have my man be this understanding as its going to effect us both. I took your advice and did speak to him. He's coming with me to my scan so i guess im happy, but i think im scared if its not what i want to hear. Thankyou for your story :) helped alot xx

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo during an emergency op for a burst cyst. We had been ttc for 2 years & I had a miscarriage in that time. But after the op on the advice of the gynae we kept tryinh were successful 5 weeks later & I now have a 7 month old son. BUT we are both 30ish & ready for kids emotionally & financially. Don't worry about rushing this & just seek the best advice to stave off endo for now & then fertility advice when you are ready. Bringing a life into the world is such a big step. I hope this helps.

Aww im happy for you! I understand, ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we were seeing eachother beforehand as we were friends so didnt want to ruin our friendship but im so happy with him hes been through everything with me. I do what my degree and then perhaps start a family but i am fully aware of everything. I just dont want a window to say have them now or youve missed your chance

Well if you're worried about your 'window' talk to your doctor about your window. Be frank about it. I didn't think it was worth the risk and was told id missed my window. I think it can be more aggressive in young people ie faster growing but I don't base that on stats. Once you know what's going on talk to him about it. Ill never forget about being sat together on a bench when we decided. He was so sure about things that it made me sure. I tried zoladex so you could try other things while you finish your degree see where your at with it. Good luck xxx

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