Zoladex - Buserelin before IVF for 4 - 6 months?

Hey ladies. I was just offered from my consultant to go on Zoladex or Buserelin for about 4 - 6 months the treatment call's " Long term pituitary down-regulation before IVF " has anyone done it? Apparently it increases the chance to be working. But I would like to know if anyone did got pregnant using this before going on cycle. Thank you and hope you have pain free day xx

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  • Hi LovelyCzech. Can't offer you any advice on this but I was also advised that I should be treated on hormonal injections for 6mths before proceeding to IVF. I have stage 4 endo and adenomyosis so consultant thinks it would be best go to on treatment before embarking on IVF - hopefully this will settle things down before fertility treatment.

    Hopefully someone else who has experience of this will come along soon...

    Dixie x

  • Thank you Dixie. I was wondering did he mentioned what drugs he want to use? We have a consultation on the 19'th so hopefully will not get something aggressive. Have you read the other comment the woman gave me :-O Not to have kids because it won't be fair on other people to look after them when I'm in pain?!! How dare she say this. She doesn't know me AT ALL Grrrrr I'm very capable of doing a lot with Endo

    lovelyCzech x

  • I'm not sure which drugs I'll be put on as I am currently awaiting a hysteroscopy before treatment. But I'm guessing it will either be Zoladex or Prostap. I agree with you re the comments given by the other lady... unfortunately sometimes people react differently to certain types of drugs. I am aware there are some unpleasant side effects from these group of drugs but on the other hand I have heard positive stories from women who have had Zoladex (and other drugs) and it has really helped them.

    Good luck with your consultation & hope your journey through to IVF also goes well. I'd be interested to know what drugs your consultant suggests (feel free to PM me if you like).

    Dixie x

  • Why are you so negative?!! I do have ENDO but I want kids. If you decided not to have kids, that's your choice but to tell me that I shouldn't WTH!??? The way you answer'd my question it's like a person who doesn't have a life at all!!! Don't you dare saying to ENDO WOMAN NOT TO HAVE KIDS !!!!!