Zoladex - 6 months done... what are the possible aftermath effects of the zoladex leaving my system

Hi, I was diagnosed in 2006 following laparoscopy. The laparoscopy identified large areas of endometriosis with large amounts attaching the uterus to the bowel.

So have done every treatment, and then 6 months of zoladex.

The consultant had said they would generally hold off the hysterectomy until I was 40. (Not too long now). Also consultant avoiding ablation or another laparoscopy because would ultimately need a hysterectomy and so didn't want to do the additional surgery. Additionally hysterectomy would be a full removal including ovaries.

The support and information I am looking for, is what happens when the zoladex leaves my system?

Generally the zoladex side effects have been no worse than the pain and symptoms of the endo. So we got through that.

But now I have concerns what will happen when the zoladex leaves, I am ok with hysterectomy. I understand it won't cure the condition. But i am happy with that as the next step.

I just don't know anyone who managed the full 6 months of zoladex, and so the after effects of it leaving are concerning me.

Thank you.

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Hi. I would like to know this too as I have me 6th zolodex in 3 weeks. Are you under a bgse? And why a hysterectomy as this may not help unless it's adeymosis as well, or so I've been told by gp and consultant. Good luck xx

I am also interested in this too! I've just had my sixth injection and am only 22 so too young to have a hysterectomy next!

Hi, saw you had no replies so thought I should offer what I know. I have similar issues, severe endo diagnosed, mt right ovary was removed and large endometrioma drained on left to preserve ovary, whips is also attached to bowel and pelvic wall. 6 months after surgery the cyst had refilled so I was put on 6 months of zoladex, which shrunk things nicely. 6 months later radiographer told me left ovary was 'mullered' (actual words!) by cysts and would need to be removed. I was meant to have three more months of zoladex then surgery but for complicated reasons this has ended up being 6 months (last one yesterday). My surgery should have been today but was cancelled on Thursday. So, for me unfortunately it seemed that my endo swung right back into action when I stopped zoladex. I also experienced hormone swing symptoms a bit, little bit tears etc. Hope that helps in some way. (Ps I'm 48 and supposedly perimenopausal anyway)

Thank you!

I too have scarring on my ovaries from cysts.

I just feel like it's a tough time though the zoladex, but what happens when it come out of your system seems to be unknown. I know we all react differently, but scared that it will come back with a vengeance.

I am 38 now, I have 2 children, and after a very traumatic birth of my 3.5 year old - do not want to experience that again. Husband had vasectomy - wanted to be sure not risk of pregnancy. We have a boy and a girl. So completed out family.

Thank you for our comments. Have been helpful.

With me I think they were hoping that I'd go into a natural menopause anyway which would help the endo. You are 10 years younger, so not so close. A colleague has just had hysterectomy and bilateral ovary removal to hopefully stop her endo. She's younger than me and will soon start taking hrt to deal with menopause symptoms and protect bones etc. I can't have hrt because I've had a DVT unfortunately. I guess hysterectomy could be an option if your symptoms return but seems a bit drastic if you can possibly avoid it. I didn't ecoerience a return of symptoms, periods were not too bad as I had uterus lining burnt away at time ovary was removed, but clearly the endo did manage to grow again. It's a horrible disease, I'm just grateful I was able to have my family before it kicked off for me!

Thank you.

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