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Hi, After Endo?????

I had a Lap done in September 2012 to remove endo from my bowel and uterus. The op was successful and all endo was removed. I had the lap done as ive been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years, before my lap my periods were normal and i was ovulation fine. The Lap was done for investigation reasons as to why we weren't conceiving. Since my Lap i don't think ive ovulated, anybody have issues/success story's after there lap?!


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It is very common to have some disturbance to your period circle after a lap, this is what my gynae said to me. But its better to check with your gynae as soon as possible.

When you say you are no ovulating is it because you have no period or you use some kind of device to check ovulation?

Jo x


Thanks for your rely Jo, My periods are exactly the same as before in fact better as im getting no period pain. the past to months ive used a ovulation kit to track when im going to ovulate and it hasn't picked up ovulation when i would normally ovulate.

Gem x


I've heard that many women dont show any ovulation in these kits for some reason. It is better to check it with your gynae, they can do tests etc before you stress yourself with no reason.

Its 2.5 weeks since my lap, endo free at the moment, and didnt have any ovulation pain yet, and my period is due in the next few days. I dont think it means anything, only the good thing that without endo=no pain! :)

Jo x


Hi gems,

do you have a smart phone or I phone? If you do there is free apps that you download and it tells you when your period is due, when you are ovulating and when you should be intimate, its called PS if i remember correctly, i know it works as my sis-in-law used it and fell pregnant within the first 2months, she was using clear blue ovulating kit but it didnt seem to work.

Senga x


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