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Does anybody take Dianette for Endometriosis?

The consultant has recommended I start taking Dianette. I have never had a good experience with the pill and was on it from 15 to 31 due to Period problems and Acne, however it seems that coming off it (5 years ago) has brought the Endo to a head (I didn't even know it). I basically would like to know if it works well, are there any side effects?

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Hi Bez, you sound exactly the same as me, ages aswell!

After being diagnosed with stage 4 endo I was told to take the pill back to back with no break by my surgeon so I have no periods but my GP told me I must have a break after 6 months so as not to cause future problems such as thickening of the womb lining, so now I just have 2 a year which is just about bearable!

I started on Microgynon which when I used to take it 'normally' years ago was ok but taking it constantly gave me a 2 stone weight gain and really bad water retention that wasn't helped even with prescription water tablets and it didnt help with the pain.

I then switched to Trinordiol (think that's what it was called) but only for 3 months as the water retention was still bad and I felt sick all the time and it still didn't help the pain.

I would suggest you ask your GP for Yasmin.

Some are reluctant to prescribe it as it is more expensive than others but I have a good GP who prescribed it with no questions.

I've now been on it for 18 months.

I have minimal water retention, still bloated though but I am trying to help this thru the endo diet, I have lost most of the weight I gained, mostly due to the endo diet; and more importantly I have massively reduced day to day pain, apart from on breaks which are still horrendous.

Some of my pain is from twisted organs though which I cannot do anything about without having them removed which is my next step when I choose to take it, but the rest is significantly reduced.

I have not had any time off work for over a year now due to endo and manage to do most thing I want to.

Sex is better too, still 'tender' but not excruciating like before so my hubby's happier too!

I highly recommend Yasmin and it's definitley worth giving a go, although obviously everyone is different. I have been told I will not be able tpo carry a baby full term due to the state of my organs but Yasmin has certainly given me a lot of my life back.

I wish you all the best.

Michelle xxx


I've tried all sorts of pills; Yasmin, Cilest, Gedarel, Cerazette (POP), but Dianette was the first pill my consultant prescribed me. I was 17, and had bad skin. It worked fantastically for me; reduced my bleeding when I had a period and cleared up my skin.

If I had the choice I would still be taking it now, but my pill was changed when I was at uni. I'd put on weight (I don't think it was connected to the pill at all) and I'd been on Dianette for 3 years, so my new GP said that it was about time I took a break from it and tried something else.

I did have a few emotional side effects with Dianette (usually during my week off from taking it), mood swings, short temper, teary, but nothing that couldn't be sorted out with a bit of quiet time to myself. The positive effects definitely outweighed the negatives for me. But as we are always told, everyone is different and we all react to the pill in different ways. In my experience, it's always worth a try!


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