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Big thank you!

This support group has actually helped me understand endometriosis and the mirena coil a bit more and i am very thankful! I actually have an auntie who also has endo, but she doesn't really make the effort to speak to me but it has helped a lot to be able to speak to people who have endo and understand what i'm going through as well! :) everyone is very friendly and supportive on this site and i've only been on here for a few days but i feel that some people have helped me out a lot more already! Dealing with endo is really hard, because it's not something visable that you can see on a person (unless you have surgery of course!) But going to the doctors and hospitals and having to explain your symptoms all the time can be so frustrating at times because you can't just show them that you have it, you have to go through the symptoms. But it really has helped having people to talk to who are going through the same thing! Thanks a lot :D

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We are a strong group here! :D

All the best

Jo x :)


yes it seems like it!! :D thank you, you too! x


Aww. It's really nice to see lots of smiley faces in a post :)

As Jo said, everybody has their own story here so together we've been through most of what endo can throw at us. It's good to know that there's a little corner of the internet where everybody just understands

Love to all

C xxx


it is nice knowing that their are people to speak to about endo and know what i go through as well! after years of feeling like no body understands what it's like to have an illness that you cant directly see! xxx


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