Why don't you JUST have a hysterectomy? (Sorry.... rant!)

Hi Ladies, now I have a lap booked I've found myself having to tell a few more people about my endo, but obviously people do not understand the condition.(I didn't before I was diagnosed)

I am so sick of hearing 'why don't you JUST have a hysterectomy' firstly there is no JUST about having a major organ removed, secondly I would like to keep my organs intact at 31 and just because I don't want children, doesn't mean I don't actually want half my insides! .....grrrr! Sorry for the rant but its a bit tongue in cheek ... 😛 but I just wondered if it's just me that gets this?? Or do you have this said to you as well !!

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  • Hi Adele,

    I get it! I'm slightly older, and have just had the same conversation with my husband. It is really frustrating how people brush it off as a minor solution to just 'whip' bits out, but I have decided that it is just ignorance as they have never been through this experience.

    Someone said to me " well, you were really lucky to have your daughter anyway... (.i.e cut your losses and call it a day). But just because you want to keep your uterus does not mean you are planning to have kids!

    I don't mean to upset those who really want children, and may not be able to, because this too is a heartbreaking situation.

    The point is....a woman's uterus is an important organ from so many perspectives, and how to deal with our condition depends upon the individual, and no-one should diminish your ideals on the best way forward, and if they do, they really do not understand!

    It is weird, we would probably get more supportive comments if it were something like a amputation, or kidney / lung being removed, but a uterus seems to be disposable in today's society!

  • Thank you Nicky, I am glad it's not just me! I'm lucky in a way as I do not wish to have children and never have and like you I certainly wouldn't want to offend women that do want that. But my female organs are not completely redundant because of my life choices! It's such a shame people don't understand more, but that's life I guess. Thank you for reading my rant and understanding, I feel better for having it off my chest!

  • I have to add a comment about how absolutely right you are about society's attitude to uteruses/ovaries. Pre children they're the absolute most precious thing and the majority of people, healthcare professionals very much included, think preserving your reproductive system and fertility is paramount, even over quality of life. But once you've had kids it's all "oh just cut it out, you don't need that anyway." Can you imagine the uproar if mens testicles were suddenly treated in the same way?! I can hear the cries of "but we need the testosterone!" And "but I like them, they're part of me!" Obviously we don't need the hormones produced by our ovaries and do they not think we like having our uteruses? Paint me cynical but I really do feel this is the attitude help by most towards hysterectomies.

  • Totally agree!

  • Ask them why anyone would choose to have a hysterectomy for a condition that is not cured by a hysterectomy - as is well documented in respected medical journals! Hysterectomy is only the removal of the uterus, unless you have a total hysterectomy which is the removal of the cervix (which is really just the neck of the uterus) and the uterus. So if endo only effects the uterus and cervix (which isn't likely) then it may provide a "cure" provided no further endo develops elsewhere and given the actual cause of endo is still unknown that certainly can't be gauranteed. Sadly ignorance needs to be met with education! But I know how frustrating it is also.

  • A hysterectomy is definitely not a permanent solution! I had a total hysterectomy in Feb, everything was stuck together with the endometriosis. After the op my consultant told me it was also on my bladder. I've also been admitted to hospital with bowel issues in the past month, now I'm faced with further investigations and surgery not what you expect at 34 😣

  • I am so sorry you had to deal with such ignorant people. I adopted two girls because I was unable to have my own biological children. So now people think I should just have it whipped out!! Before that the comment was if you get pregnant your endometriosis will be cured. I tend to go on the side of my body my business, unless they are medically trained ( not always a guarantee them knowing either) then they can keep their opinions to themself! I definitely agree more education is needed.

  • Oh I have had that old chestnut said to me for the last 15 years. Arrrrggggghhh! Like a hyst is the answer to it all. My gynae told me many women have a hyst and still suffer bad pain and as we know its still a major op. people infuriate me who say oh just whip it all out - its a flippant ignorant comment made by those who know nothing about it and its said in a way that is patronizing. As if we enjoy suffering years of endo pain repeated laps and should stop messing about and do something! Ha! If only it were that simple - ooooh rant over sorry that struck a chord with me.

  • Thank you ladies, I am not alone at least!

    Wishing you all a pain free day x

  • Ask them why they don't just cut off their nose when they have a cold! Achieves nothing and makes matters worse.

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