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How ill can endo really make you?

I was wondering how ill endo makes other people !! I am feeling really tired sore and worn out at the moment I am waiting for a hysterectomy and I am currently off work but feel dreadful , is it endo or something else ? Thanks everyone x

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I think it's different for everyone hun, it makes me feel so ill some days. It is an auto immune disease so your body is fighting it all the time leaving you open to any viruses or infections so yes endo can make you feel terrible. Hugs xx


Reading your post, was like reading something I could write. Symptoms exactly the same. I too am waiting for hysterectomy. I am on prostap and although the pain levels are really good I am exhausted all the time. I just want for this all to be over. I really feel for anyone who has this vile disease. Hope you feel a little better soon and your op comes quickly. X X


This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. So tired any time I do anything I pay for it by having to sleep. I have been off work for 8 weeks now and I just can' t see it getting any better. It is so frustrating. I also have aching muscles and joints I am only 30 and used to be very active I feel like an old woman. All I can suggest is doing things you enjoy while you are able for me that is getting out for walks also try and meet up with people or have visitors round. I know that socialising can be tiring but the company will help you feel less isolated. I wish there was a wand we could wave to may. Hope today is a good day for yoy. big hugs. xxxake this horrible disease go awa



Yep, tired, sore and worn out is me right now! I've been at home since last week and really wanted to go back to work today (got as far as having my shoes and coat on before agreeing that I shouldn't be going in!) but yesterday was so horrible and I don't feel any better this morning.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon and the wait for your op isnt too bad. x


Hi to you all thanks for your replies I'm sorry your both feeling rubbish like me I hate this disease and I wish it would go away for us all :) I am trying to carry on like u but its hard. As I feel guilty cause I'm off work x take care and hope you feel better soon x


your not alone for feeling guilty for being off work, I have been off two weeks now feel and the same way. It's hard when employers dont really get this horrible disease. I feel low in mood each day and just want to get back to normal, Im 30 and feel like an old woman too as mentioned in LAB82 post. Not being able to do simple things with out being double over in pain all time, exhaustion is the biggest thing at present along with the pain and wanting my life back.

Hope you start to feel better soon hun x


Having just woken after a terrible night of right sided pelvic pain, bowel and bladder pain and low back pain and nightmares probably linked to being anxious about the pain, I'd say 'very ill'!

PS Being menopausal no menses but also had a nightsweat, hormones still strangely trying to kick start then wane - one word describes this HORRIBLE!


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