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Too Young For This?!

I am only 20 years of age and have just been diagnosed with stage 3 endo on my ovaries, afer putting up with it for 3 years the pain is only just bareable now I have excruciating periods which are really heavy and painful despite being on the pill ! Its took months of being painfully poked and prodded to get this diagnosis and its ruining my life !

Im in a relationship and cant have sex with my other half because the pain during sex is so unbareable which causes a lot of tension, I work long hours as a chef and always seem to be constantly exhausted which im told is a symptom of having endo?

All i ever do when im not working is sleeping im not getting to go out or live my life like other people my age its driving me crazy!

They are starting me on a hormonal treatment of temporary menopause as ive been advised this is the best thing to start off with and see how it goes but ive been warned of the side affects and have no idea how im going to cope with going through a 6 month menopause whilst working long hours in a kitchen with 5 men!

None of my friends or family seem to understand what a big deal this actually is and even though theyre trying to be supportive they really dont have a clue and it'd be nice to hear from someone who understands :)

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Hi there, as soon as I read this I sympathised with you so much, I had to reply. I'm 22 myself and have been suffering badly for at least 5 years. I have widespread endo throughout my pelvis and it has had a huge effect on my life. I first took Zoladex when I was 20 and I wish I'd known somebody at the time who could relate to what I was going through instead of just dismissing it because it wasn't a "real" menopause.

Please feel free to private message me - Zoladex will provide you with relief but you need some support because going through if so young is tough xxx


Hi there, I was diagnosed at 18 and I'm

Now 22. I really feel for you because I have most of the symptoms your having, I am not having zoladex but I'm on injections that stop my cycle and then I take hrt to get rid of the menopause symptoms I get.

I am in a long term relationship also and to be honest I really don't no how my boyfriend copes and puts up with me sex is excruciating for me also and I can't cope with the pain! I dt know anyone else who exaperiences this and it is hard to make family and especially friends understand what your going through.

I wish you luck with your treatment And hope that you will start to feel a little better.




I feel I can empathise as I'm also 20 and have a lap this week to confirm suspected endo and have had serious symptoms for over a year but periods painful to send me home from school since I was about 14 or 15. I'm at uni rather than working but I'm always exhausted even if I've had plenty of sleep, and I empathise about people not understanding as I haven't felt able to tell my male friends anything. My boyfriend is very understanding about the painful sex - I think it annoys me more! I would be nervous about Zoladex because my mum is just coming out of the other end of her actual menopause, so if that's any indication of how I'll cope....

I know it is so hard for anyone who doesn't have endo/similar to understand how it can take over your life. I hope it works for you and you start feeling better soon!

A :)


Hiya, i understand! im only 18, was diagnosed at 14, people dont realise how much it really hurts and how it effects your life! we should be living our lives to the full! unfortuneately endo stops us doing this and people really dont understand! Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and it is difficult not having sex because of pain, i sometimes feel like its pushing up apart, and although there is tension and arguments, he still sticks by me. If hes mr right, he will stand by your side, sex isnt everything! Im ALWAYS tired! my family dont understand, they call me lazy, tell me to get up, when theres a family argument they always mention im lazy, dont do anything around the house etc, its hurtful, they just dont understand! But just know, we understand and your not alone, sometimes just thinking that, really does help me. Your Not Alone!!!



I've only was diagnosed with endo in march after

Many years going to the same GP being fobbed off

With pain relief every month , I had a appendicitis in march

Aswell as endo pain, that's when they discovered it thank

God cause I've been in agony for years , I understand what

Your going through , I work a very physical and mentally draining

Job, I'm looking into a career changed, since finding

Out I suffer from this horrible condition I've now got problems

With bowel hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel

Wish u all the best :)


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