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I have 3 options: Ovaries removed, Mirena coil, or Transcervical Resection of Endometrium. what are anyone elses experiences?

The gynaecologist thinks full hysterectomy perhaps too much. I have to choose by 19th December. I think he thinks that ovary removal is the best option, he said a TCRE still leaves the problem of the ovaries. I believe he means both as producers of hormones and the endometriosis around them. The ovaries would be removed by laparoscopy BUT he doesn't know what he willl find in there it could become a bigger operation - more than a decade ago my right ovary & fallopian tube were tangled with ureter and the gynaecologist at the time said he didn't want to try laser removal of the endometriosis as he feared puncture of the ureter. Transvaginal ultra sound has shown left ovary has problems now, and more important I am exhausted. Very.

My GP warned me that Mirena coil could take at least 6 months to settle down - I wil have a longer talk with her in 4 days time - I have other health problems and that needed to be discussed first.

At first I thought mirena...now I'm not so sure. I am 49, my mother and grandmother did not embark on the menopuse until well after 55 years old. I was first diagnosed with endometriosis 20 years ago - it has been up & down.

After having looked at another question I wonder if the gynaecologist was describing possible Adenmyosis - I really really am exhausted and I could hardly think during the consultation, but having looked at what it is seems possible....

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Hi i had the Mirena in July of this year and did have a lot of probs with bleeding went back to the gyno i have started Zoladex to stop periods all together now i am not say its been easy cos its not the first month i bled now i have had my second so far i have not i am a 53 woman who had not got to the menopause YET !!!!!!! gyno will not do a hyster as i have other health issues so i have to keep having zoladex until my hormones reach the low level of going into the menopause ask your gyno if zoladex is a option along with having the merina fitted good luck


thank you for your reply.

Zoladex is not an option. I had it about 9/10 years ago, it required that I took anti-migraine medication, a serotonin suppressor that gave me hideous depression - somehow different to my "normal" depression. The migraine issue stops me from having a variety of hormone treatments. The Zoladex, despite the ridiculous hot flushes, did give body a rest!


On my second Mirena, my 1st lasted 6 years it stopped my periods. I have adopted 2 children and I knw if it wasn't for the coil I would not have been able to cope. Go for it. I have pro strp injections for 3 onths till the coil kicked in. GO FOR IT and the best of luck .


I know every procedure has its benefits and downfalls, and i do not know why your doctor suggest such a prodecure however, I suggest you do a full research of your own which can be done via goodle as may studies are published.

I have read that removal of ovaries is not recommended as a treatment because it can contribute to a lot of other health problems, the ovaries are an important organ which regulate a hormone, the lack of which can bring on osteoporisis*, I also read it can bring on dementia* memory problems and increase risk of heart disease, I found this out by searching the internet and from my old gynae, there are lots of scientific studies in that procedure.

I am sorry you have health problems and hope you do get some relief soon, and please forgive me if I have not given good advice, its only my honest thoughts on the matter x


Yes I've had head down and done a lot of research. Managed to find the information for doctors on mirena coil and the information about the long term effects/risks of not having ovaries - as you suggest higher risk of heart disease, dementia, parkinsons, osteoporosis.

Initially I thought mirena but then swung a bit towards ovary removal...now back to mirena as first option.I see my GP tomorrow. And shall consult an anthroposophical GP if possible.

It is good to hear the mixed experience of other women.


You could always try the Mirena , its less perminent and if it didnt suit you you could get rid of it and go for the op. Let us know what you decide x


I discussed with my GP and decided the Mirena coil. the other things are not reversible.

BUT I managed to get an appointment - private - with an anthroposophical GP. I am going to try a treatment or 3 months. But of course I have to tell the GP and consultant about this. I want to stay on the gynaecology list but come back in 3 months. I think it's worth a go!

It is viscum/mistletoe at a very low dose, injected once a week. Plus a tincture - I do not have it to hand so can't say what ir is! It has cost me a lot of money [I'm on employment & support allowance]. My Pa will give me the injections. My Ma has a stronger dose that is used for the immune system after she had breast cancer.

Unfortunately I've had a horrid virus and high temperature since my appointment so have decided to start the treatment on monday.


I thought I'd have a look back over my questions. I am still under the gynaecologist - see him in a couple of weeks. But the anthroposophical treatment seemed to work. On one of my appointments to gynaecology I saw a different consultant and she talked to me about how I felt and was coping. So now I am under a check up regime of blood tests and scans. Finally this year my periods are showing a dramatic reduction so hoping that menopause will change things.

... the horrid virus and high temperature turned out to be the start of [or probably the revealing of an ongoing change] of new auto immune issues, although when admitted to hospital they were fixated with post viral problem. More symptoms appeared! At this stage I said to gynaecologist I couldn't cope with any of his options and felt the anthroposophical treatment made a difference.

When I last saw gynaecologist in December he had softened in his view that the ovary removal was the best option and actually said considering all the other health issues I had then developed, I had made the right decision to have no treatment, but he wanted me to keep an eye on things.


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