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So Long

I haven't had a Lap to actually diagnose Endo but been ff work in pain can't sleep depressed for 10 weeks. Finally went to see consultant after 7 weeks of waiting which was cancelled once for 31/2 weeks anyhow went to see him on 9th November and was going to get Zoladex and HRT for most likely Endo, why they can't just go and have a look i don't know! Anyhow now on 20th 21st tomorrow and still no letter from hospital to doctors! rand hospital yesterday they said it was typed on 13th its not it post tray so must have been signed and sent! Argh. One of my receptionists at doctors was very rude to me as i rang on 15th then 16th and she said "I've looked for you once this week already!" surely thats her job to look, i have to live every day in pain trying to get better and back to work. Today i rang and got another lady, letter still not there but she is going to chase things up. Why the hell does it take so long? There are people out there that dont want to work but those who do get very slow help to get help why in this day and age with emails does it take so bloody long? ps Sorry to rant x

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Sorry to hear your story, the specialists certainly dont like to hurry at all.

i havent had a lap to diagnose endo yet, but hoping my new gynae will give me one, i just want to be 100% certain, i lost my job because of being ill, so im sat in limbo because i cant do anything.

i really hope you can get the zoladex soon xx


I have a feeling that i too will lose my job. Wanted to get something to help pain (Hopefully the Zoladex and HRT) but my doctor also thought it could be bowel related and really wanted them to do exploritory lap to see what was going on. I was happy something was finally going to get done so i could get back to work. Ringing doctors later today so hopefully the letter will be there so i can get the injection. having an awful time with the pain and not slept very well for weeks. Thank you for your kind words, it helps to vent on here. x


why dont you ring the Gynae sec. and ask her to sent you the letter directly as i would if they sent it to the GP but GP are useless as soon as they see the letter and pass it onto the GP and they dont ring so i would ring the GYNAE Secretary ok xx


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