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Pain most day after i had my 3rd c section in 2009

I get pain in my lowerback left side lower back and pain round the middle like a band lower abdomen most days when i wake up and for a few hrs after.. pelvoc pain and hips hurt( god i sound about 90!!) im only 38... it does hurt more slightly when i ovulate.

I have had bloating as well and worried about ovarian cancer.. had 2 internal scans and shows major scarring and my bowl is attached to scar tissue as well as one my ovaries attached to my uterous?

So was told last time i went to my local walk in clinic its scar tissue and not much can be done.. but its getting me down and i have 2 young kids to take care of and my hubby! and dont want to live on diclofenic every day... so im going to ask to be transferd to a gyna and ask for a lap.. what do you girls think?? any advice would be great


Lou :)

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Hi Lou

Yes I agree with you, you definitely need to see and endo gynae and see whats going on. Scar tissue is vert likely to be from endo and it needs to be treated somehow. I would ask for a lap if i were you.

Good luck

Jo x


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