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Can I go to a spa as iv had scar tissue and adhesions and also endo?

Hi girlies,

Hope ur all well!

I just want to know if I went on a spa day would I be able to a massage? I was speaking to spmeone the other day and they said i wouldnt be able to because of iv got endo, and recent scar tissue/adhesions. Shes doing a beauty theropy course at college and thats were she learnt it but to be honest i dont no if its true or not and i was planning on booking a spa day for me and my best mate for xmas but im not sure now any help would be great thanks xx

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I've had massage at the same time as acupuncture and I've let them know that my tummy is very sore so they left that area alone and concentrated on the rest of me instead. Can't see why you can't go... the stress relief is a wonderful antedote to pain of adhesions etc :-)


Hi, I tried to book a spa day and got there to find that they had a policy that meant I couldn't use any of the facilities (jacuzzi, jet pool etc) because I had surgery within the last year. My advice would be to check with the spa before you book :) If they say no, it's not the end of the world, I just opted for the top facial, manicure and pedicure!


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