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Not impressed :((

Moring endo sisters, just an up date I should b sitting in a hospital bed right now for my op today but am at home thay phoned me last night to cancell got everything done house all done kids sorted my mother-in-law to look after my darughter after school and my husband to hav two days off work, got to wait a few days for them to ring to hav op in the nx 4 weeks just hope it's soon cus I missed Xmas last year from bing ill can't lost it this year :((( I understand if thay havnt beds but got my self all worked up just at the last moment thay tell me just wish thay could of said a bit sooner so hubbie could of sorted work out he's work doesn't give him much holidays as it is wasting them for this instand of family things sorry for rant :((((

Hope ur all pain free today :))

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Hi Snowbell2012, I know exactly how you feel. I spent a day in hospital (after the previous evenings delightful bowel cleanse) to be sent home at 4.30pm as they'd run out of time for my op. I know it's devastating when you're all geared up for it. I hope you get another appointment soon. x


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