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Hi I am new on this site.I have severe endo for 2 years which has affected my bowel but have one lap done waiting for another which has take long now. i am having severe pain on my left side and down to my back.i am crying with pain as writing this question. after my lap i want to trying to have a baby. can anyone help . luckly my tube is not blocked

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  • Hi, endo is very painful and I can sympathise with you. I was diagnosed aged 28 but had symptoms for around 10 years before that, and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Eventually I collapsed at work with pain and was finally diagnosed properly. I had diathermy (in 1995 so things have probably moved on now) and went on to have 2 children, but within a year of the second birth the pain came back. I have since had radical resection of endo and then 3 years later endometrial ablation. Now I'm 44 and on HRT. I am getting symptoms again but again my GP says its irritable bowel. Frustrating!

    You don't say where you are in the country, but there is a fabulous surgeon in Brighton called Mr James English who has published on this disease. He is on the internet and on the Agora Clinic website. Good luck with your treatment and pregnancies.

  • Hi thank u very much for giving me some encouraging words . i live at southeast . i am currently waiting for my appointment with doctor lee at the princess royal university hospital which has took long now. can u please tell me what did u do to have 2 children .because i want to get pregnant after my operation

  • Hi I've always had bad pain but it was n't till i ended up in hospital for a week over xmas 2008 at 38 when they finally opperated saw i had endo. I've had a further 3 opps last one august 2011 by Dr English. I agree an amazing dr and although I'm not in a position to have children he said you are at your best to have a baby within 6mths of the op. This last op seems to have helped with the pain although they are struggling to get my bleeding under control, the pain that would make me pass out is so very much better. Good luck. X

  • hi could it be possible for my GP to reffer me to Dr english

  • Yes James English is supposed to be amazing. I went to one of the endo meetings where he did a talk and if I do end up having another op, it is only Mr English I trust to do this. He is endo specialist and actually teaches other endo surgeons apparently! I remember him saying that often bowel ressection is necessary where the bowel is involved to completely get rid of the endo and a bowel surgeon has to be present too. He said something about a new adhesion barrier that is really good but I got the impression the NHS don't use this new one, probably cost! Anyway even my Gp said he is good and he is a really nice person too and tells you it 'as it is'. He does private work too but my only concern would be asking for him and getting a registrar on the NHS instead who does gyne.

  • thank u i will i will tell my gp to refferr me . thanks

  • Mr English did my surgery on the NHS and although I saw his registrar in outpatients, only Mr English does the surgery, or at least he is present and teaches his juniors. He is the best surgeon around. I am hoping to go see him again very soon!

  • Mr English is THE best OB/GYN if not one of the best! I have been a patient of his for as long as I can remember - he first operated on me in 2006 and the most recent operation was last year (2014).

    He has done ALL of my gynaecology related operations, and I'm an NHS patient.

    He is upfront and honest and if he thinks something needs doing he won't faff around making you wait unnecessarily. The longest wait I had to have surgery for him was six months and that wasn't entirely his fault - he had to have a bowel surgeon work with him during the last operation and the bowel surgeon took AGES in getting hold of! He quoted to me the previous year that I would be operated on only two months later, but thanks to the bowel surgeon he couldn't keep his word and he was embarrassed about that.

    Mr James English is world renowned and often reminds me just for a laugh when I do see him how he is the best in the world - I think he's trying to build a tongue in cheek humour reputation to keep his female patients moods lifted up a beat during consultations as he knows how depressed they can get.

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