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does anyone know a good gynae for endo in the South West of England (devon), or even in the south (hampshire)? i'm willing to travel

My symptoms are increasingly overwhelming and after two laps my gynae gave up on me one year ago and told me there is nothing for me but pain management, even though the only treatment i have tried is the mirena coil which does nothing other than reduce the bleeding. I'm really feeling like im getting nowhere with my current local hospital who take no notice of my requests for more tests, surgery or trying different treatments. one of the ladies on here suggested making a fresh start and seeing a new gynae in a different area. therefore i wondered if anyone has any recommendations? i dont mind to pay privately for an initial consultation if its going to help me get some relief from my symptoms. i also dont mind to travel. i live in devon, but i also have family in hampshire so either location is fine. ps. inbox me if you know anyone as im aware we are not allowed to post names on here.

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Hope this is helpful.


Hi I am seeing an amazing consultant in Bristol. Not sure if that's to far for you to travel, but she is fantastic. How do I inbox you privately??


Im330 I have sent you a private message x


@kelbel bristol is not far at all. um im not sure how you send a private message, but i have received others so there must be a way.perhaps click on my profile and it will give you the option? would really love to hear from you:)

@jojo thank you:)

at petlamb19- thank you so much:) will check out the link



ive heard there is an endometriosis centre in Truro hospital may be too far for you but maybe worth a try best of luckx


@mablesky- thank you:) will check it out. seems i have options at least :)


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