Emotional Wreck :(

Hi Ladies well I went to the docs the other day and he has referred me back to my gyane surgeon as he has discarged me too soon without a proper review the past Two weeks I have been an emotional wreck one day happy as can be Next day so sad and frustrated next day like the past two days breaking down in tears for no reason has anyone else gone through the emotions after treatment of endo and laparoscopy ??

Thankyou girlies I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel yet :(

Gem Xxx

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  • Sounds like hormones, are you on any treatments? I had my lap about 2 weeks ago when they removed some endo, I'm actually feeling a LOT better - I do take anti-depressants though, have done for a very long time, stabilises my emotions a bit. Good luck! xxx

  • Hi hunni

    Sorry to hear your having such an awful time.

    You maybe suffering from depression, I find that fluoxetine helps me and keeps me more leveled maybe speak to your GP about this xx

  • I am so sorry you are having trouble at the moment.

    I currently take anti-depressents and had my surgery November last year and I am still an emotional wreck (sorry to scare you,) one minute I am fine the next I am screaming my head of with the boyfriend and the next I am laying on his shoulder crying my heart out wishing I was dead because I cannot control my emotions.

    If you need to talk message me.

    Kind Regards


  • Awwww Ladies Thankyou so Much for replying it means a lot to have the support of people who Understand what your going through and don't think your going mad :) Ladybird I am trying the pill I can't normally take it as the awful side effects but I think if it settles my hormones I can try bypass the symptoms :) MsBella Thankyou in recommending the fluxotine I may ask my GP about this I cried to the GP the other day and he juat said you have had treatment and poked and things moved around you are bound to feel like this hopefully it Will get better I'm such a bubbly person and its only since the Op 9weeks ago I've been this enotional its a shock as I'm not used to being this way :( Emma - Jane Thankyou so much I may take you up on the offer its Really kind of you and it goes Both ways too if you need to talk then please Message me too :)

    I really Hope we can all get through it sending you all lots of hugs

    Gem xx

  • I feel exactly the same, I was just about to post a question about this, I'm alright one minute and crying uncontroably the next and I don't know why, I'm not sure what's upsetting me but when the flood-gates open that's it, I can't stop crying. I did it on and off yesterday and I can sense it's starting again today.

    Good luck, love and hugs.


  • Hey D, how long ago did you have your laparoscopy? I'm going back to my surgeon as I don't feel this should be how I should be feeling did you have treatment done ? A few of ny friends have had laparoscopy but no treatment and they are fine I think its too do with treatment and moving more things around which plays with our emotions I think we forget how our internal lady bits can effect us and when they have been moved poked around it messes with all our body clock which prob Will take some time to settle :( I'm soooo drained and tired with the emotions that I've been going through I've gone on the pill to level them out but the side effects are awful dizziness nausea tiredness its awful Sending u lots of love and hugs back and here if you need any support

    Gem Xxx

  • I found I was very emotional when I was on the pill a few years ago. Likewise when I was on Prostap in last few months. But I can't say for sure, I might have been like that anyway, I was so miserable from circumstances. Maybe just me, I have had seriously bad depressive episodes since I was 14, now 35. My GP thinks I need to take anti-depressants for life. Probably safer!!!

  • Hi me too, ever since I found out 2wks ago that surgeon left endo on my rectum and 2 spots on my left ovary I have been a complete mess emotionally. All I do is cry and panick about what my future holds for me, and from where Im standing I feel not much. I can't seem to speak to people properly at the moment because I want in my very near future to have a baby and thats all I can think about until, if I get one.

    I had my laparoscopy 7wks ago now and was told in the hospital my insides were all clear, Clearly they hadn't told me the truth and now I feel my future is worthless. wp22 X

  • Hi wp22 how are you feeling after your Lap ? I've been the same as yourself I've found it very hard to conceive and emotional it does play with you , I had thought to myself I need to be strong and we have to let ourselves heal fully physically and emotionally before thinking of things like that as we Will drive ourselves mad :( there have been been storys of people not been able to conceive and they do so there is hope if you relax it may happen your future is not Worthless do not think that Things Will be okay Please stay strong if you need to talk you can message me

    Gem xx

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