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Anyone else have the same ???? :(

Hi Girls, Hope you are all well just a quick question its 8weeks post Op I'm back at work for second time round I wasn't ready before I am on reduced hours which I def think is enough only issue is My belly gets swollen throughout the day and gets really tight then when I sit down or get home I ache all down my legs and my back and my belly too I've had enough when Will I get better :( surely I should not be in this much discomfort still 8weeks post Op my surgeon has discharged me from his care now I'm just worrying as I've beeb doing things to get back to normal but can't see a light at the end of the tunnel as I still feel very uncomfortable tender and Knackered :(

I do work in an office nothing stenuous of picking things up ect.

Many thanks in advance for any answers

big Hugs


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Hi, i had my op in january this year and had to go back to work after just 2 weeks :( i had a standing job and it was hell, but 8 weeks after and your still sore is normal everyone has a different healing process, the only things you need to be concerned about (this is what i was told as i had same concerns) is if the bruising doesnt go down around your tummy or if it is discolouring. i hope you feel better soon, if your sitll concerned push the doctors and let them know, its hard enough getting them to diagnose in the first place. take care.


Hi Cori, Thankyou for answering I've been quite lucky with brusing nothing to bad when you say discolouring what do you mean ?? i haven't noticed any discoloration but sometimes notice around my belly button sometimes goes whitish if I've been walking to long ? It's horrible as the GPs seem to fob me off I've been stitched internally too :( I'm so frustrated and I really thought is be better by 8weeks but I'm still in a lot of discomfort and absoluteley tired :(

I Will give it another few days and if its still this bad i Will push the doctors next week :)

Thankyou for your reply

gem x


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