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Have others experienced this

hi just having a rant. I have coil & am also on 3 primoult n aday. On this I still get flare ups I reckon two every two weeks. I said that I'd come down to two primoulet as my point being it wasn't totalling preventing the flare ups. Did this a week ago & embraced myself for the contractions from lower amount in system . They came & went but yesterday it woke me at4am agony & bleed . Took nurofaen plus & they kept me going throughout work . So tired though .. This morning again in pain .. My whole system sweat . I could actually see the water pouring out of skin . So I back on the 3 . So sore.. My stomach is rock hard & sore to touch . Thank god for Nurofean . The consultant told me that the hormones are bad for chest to try to come down on dose . She also said hysterectomy would not cure endo so I kind of left in limbo , I'm going to pull myself together & go shopping .. What a waste of weekend . What us woman have to go through , I'm 35 & have been diagnosed 2 years ago after a year of bleeding non stop & then bleeding so much I ended up in a& e . Couple of times. Thanks

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Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering so much. Just a question to consider: have you been screened for adenomyosis? It is endo inside the wall of the womb. Please take a look at the website and see whether your symptoms are the same. The condition is often missed and clinicians often don't think to screen for it x Danielle x



Hi Danielle,

I've been suspecting that I have adenomyosis for ages now but have never found a complete symptom list. Just looked at that link and it describes me to a tee. In my last lap they said I had non-active endo with lots of scarring and the consultant said he didn't think my pain was gynea related, now a year on and I'm on drug treatment for endo that's working, my gp is convinced they missed something in my lap so has sent me to a different consultant. Hopefully they'll realise there is definitely something wrong and do another, more in depth lap.

So sorry to hear about all your ladies pain and frustration, I can totally understand x


Thanks .. Not too bad tonight . Night on couch with glass of vino . I never heard of that . I will mention at my next visit to consultant . They have done lap though and commented that I had a tidy womb ! Thanks for info


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