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No periods on the mini pill normal?

Hi all. Have recently started taking the mini pill following 6 months of the Zoladex implant and after 3 months my periods seem to have stopped. Not pregnant (negative test) and still seem to have the cycle, i.e. PMT, temp changes, etc. but no bleeding. It does state this is one of the side effects and would be great if I knew it was because there was nothing to come out but worried it's all just building up instead. Anyone else experiencing or had anything similar or am I just being paranoid?

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Are you taking it back to back with no breaks? if so then yes it should stop your periods hun so don't panic :)


I don't recognise that pill but I'm of Cerazette, a progesterone pill taken continuously. I haven't had a period in 2 years (yay!) I spoke to the nurse at the time I stopped and she advised me that for some women this is perfectly normal and that it's not like it's building up inside, it's just not being produced. Stick with it if you can as it has been like a long holiday for me after years of dreading the next month and the pain. :)


Thanks for your replies both, that's a relief then. Yes, taking it without breaks (previously was on the combined pill where there were no breaks but not able to take this now due to my age and types of migraine I suffer with). Heard really good reviews about Cerazette - I'm on Mircolut, although typically I now have cramps so we'll see what happens! x


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