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Follow Up

Hi Ladies

So my follow up GP appointment from my 1st scan is tomorrow. I have no idea what to do cause I dont think she will refer my to a gyno cause no cysts were found but all other symptoms are there. I dont want to but I think I will end up crying cause I am tired all the time and I just want a Lap to figure this all out then if its not endo they can do something else. How do I fight for a referral when I am so tired?

Please help lol

Rach xxx

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I know you must be finding this really difficult but stick with it tell her everything about your symptoms .As you prob know endo doesnt always show up on scans just because cysts were not found doesnt mean there isnt an answer to your sympoms.

I really hope you can move forward with this .stay strong .you never know she may refer you.

take carex


You need to basically just ask for one, .

i have recently had a hip operation, with horrendous hip pain my own doctor was ok, but thought IBS ? i got so fed up of being passed off i asked to be reffered to the spinal clinic and then from there went to a hip specialist and underwent surgery this year to shave my hip bone and repair a tear,.( not IBS )

Basically the moral of my story doctors are brilliant but they don't know everything, and its ok to ask to be referred and they should do this on your request.

Hope this helps, and be strong, you know your body best !!!



Thanks for your comments. My friend is coming with me cause I am so forgetful its shocking, it took me a while to remember what the doctor told me I might have so I had to go see my mums friend who is a nurse! haha

I am going to ask for one, I am shattered at the moment and its only 8pm but just want to go to bed lol. Also see when getting a Lap, where is the incision made? I got a tattoo on my ribs lol and dont want it ruined. The pain from that was actually a little refreshing from the constant pain! haha

I am so tired and have lower back pain again! Too early to go to bed though and my appointment is early and i have a job interview and a meeting at florist for my friends wedding! I may crumble in a ball and cry tomorrow night haha dont think I will mention my suspected endo! Have been unemployed for a year now and need a job. Hide the pain most of the time anyway, good idea to not say anything? lol

Rach xxx


Hi I am sorry to here this I been though hell last 8 years with all the pain and symptoms just said I had pid then ibs then had to have my bowels all tested for last year I had test apart from endo then wasn't till I saw a blader specialist he said he check my bladder if it's fine he said I should c a gyne to check for endometriosis coz he things if that it is hard u just got keep pushing and pushing c different doctor one might just give in I had scans x rays loads times never show. Anything that's y mine tock so long I had my first lap one week ago and had the endo remove hope u get somewhere and stay strong we all had to balltle somewhere along with the doctors with endometriosis xx


Hi everyone,

Just a short reply to say that I have been referred to a gyno, will take 6-8 weeks I think my GP said. Now just hope that the gyno says I need a lap cause I cant live like this any longer but to be fair my doc has been quick with the whole thing, PID no, anti biotics, scan now getting referred and iv only had suspected endo since June this year and experiencing the symptoms for just over a year so not too bad :) shouldnt complain but woman's prerogative to complain haha

Rach xxx


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