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the pill and endo ????

ive been researching endo and most people are saying the pill can help with endo just wondering in my case my gp and mum put me on the pill at a young age of 11 due my periods painfull and very heavy i was on the pill until 16 then tried the injection as my friend said it stop her periods with me it worked in the opposite way so was given a braker pill to stop the bleeding then after 9 months was put back on the pill celest witch i found a happy medium at 24 i came off the pill and concived with twin girls born 10 week prem but pulled through then a week later back on the pill untill sept last year now been told i have severe endo i dont understand how the pill can help ?????any answers would help thank you

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Hi Sully1

I was put on the pill due to my painful periods at a young age too, the pill doesn't stop endo it just slows down the growth. Its estorgen that makes it grow so depending on the balance in the pill depends how well it it slows it down. If you were on a combination pill like microgynon it would help for the fact there was progesterone in it but the estorgen is still there aiding it to grow.

I hope hat helps in answering why the pill may not have been as helpful as it seemed.

Heather x


yes thank you i was on celest wich is a high estorgen pill i think to calm the bleeding down aso tried micrigynon but bleeding inbetween periods it explains a lot thank you


Hi Sully1

i was put on the pill at 16 and never had any problems, i had normal periods and managable cramps every month, 10 years later i came off the pill to start a family with my husband its only then that my periods started lasting for 3weeks and the pain was enbearable i could hardly get out of bed after a year of this and not concieving i was referred and another year later after surgery, injections etc i was told i had severe endo and couldnt conceive naturally, my doctor said i was to go back on the pill and take it continiously so i wouldnt have a period until im due to have IVF, for the last 18months this has worked for me i havent had a period and so i havent had any bleeding or pain, my only worry is i eventually have to stop the pill when i start my treatment

so the pill worked for me but its just a temp solution

good luck xx


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