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New here

Hi everyone, new to the site, been reading your questions and blogs for a while so thought I would join up and introduce myself, here goes:-

Ive just turned 23 and was diagnosed with endo back in 2010 after undergoing a lapo, I had suffered with the pain and symptoms since I was around 16-17 but after years of being under the gyno I was continually told that I was far too young for it to be anything serious.

When I finally had the op in 2010 I was told it was endo and that I had multiple adhesions on my ovaries and that my bowel and bladder where stuck together. I left the hospital with no information on endo whatsoever and if it wasn't for the fact that 2 of my aunties had suffered with it then I would never have known how serious it was. I went to my GP and was put on cerazette which stopped my periods, it did little to help the pain tho. In April this year I was told by my GP that if I was ready then it would be worthwhile considering trying for a baby as the older I get the more the endo will develop which could obviously cause fertility problems. This came as a shock and sort of put all our plans on hold as my fiancé and I are in the middle of planning a wedding and wanted to do the whole marriage then kids thing but as my greatest aim in life is to become a mother we decide it's for the best that we begin to try for a family. This decision hasn't gone down well with most people as my partners family are really traditional and think we are too young for a family of our own yet. It's frustrating when your so confused and upset by the thought of never becoming a parent and then you have people who think they know best and try to make decisions for you. I decided to join this blog as reading all your stories has really helped me to cope with having endo a bit more and I find most of the questions I wanted answering already have been on this site so thank you all for that :-) x

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Sorry to hear you have this so young, and I wish all the best to you, I have two grown up daughters and at the moment I am keeping my fingers crossed for them xx


Hi Mkayla, im new on here too, and like you me and my partner were half way through planning our wedding when i was diagnosed with endo and told i would not be able to have a baby naturally, we had been trying for 18months, with that i was put straight on the IVF waiting list but we felt going ahead with the wedding took our minds off everthing. we have now been married a year and still waiting but at 28 im gratful to be on the list my problem is iv not actually told anyone that i cant have a baby its so hard to say it especially when everybody always asking when are going to have a baby, im scared of what people will say maybe because i feel its my failure i cant give them what they want, all i can say to you is explain to your family that these things takes years sometimes to happen im so glad i stared trying when i did

all the best to you xx


Hi I see this is an old post now but iv just come across it as im new to the site. I understand how u feel and hope that u hav had some luck with having a baby? Thinking of u x


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