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24 hours out of hospital. Went in last Wednesday 11.07.12 for day surgery, came out 15.07.11!!!!!

Woke up having lost a day on Friday the 13th (OMG) and my front tooth was hanging out of my mouth, by mid mornong it had come out, I had a third stuck in my gum, a third in my hand and a third God only knows. The hospital are washing their hands of it as I signed the document which said I DID NOT HAVE any loose teeth, caps, bridges, or dentures. I was shouting that no where in that statement dud it say broken teeth. So the left biggest tooth at the front clean break and now a hole. What do I do? Any adve would be helpful.

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what did you have done? this sounds awful xx


I agree with Worth, what you have been through does sound awful. Did anyone such as your consultant, doctor, nurse etc, speak to you on the ward and explain what happended to your 'missing day' or help fill in the gaps for you?

If I was you I would be contacting PALS <Patient and Liaison Service> or a similar scheme at your hospital/health trust so they are aware of what you have suffered and help you make sense if it.

Hope you are managing to have a pain-free recovery?


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