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A rather odd hospital experience

I thought I'd share my funny hospital experience with you. I thought it was a joke at the time expecting candid camera to jump out. I was at the hospital for an internal scan. First the nurse realised she didn't have a pillow so out came the blueroll to put behind my head, then the lamp broke so she was rummaging around for a bulb. She couldn't find a bulb so when the cleaner walked past she asked for a torch!

Five mins later ( I'm thinking she was joking) said cleaner comes back with a power torch. So here I am bed resting on blueroll, legs a kimber with the nurse having a root around with what looks like a flood light! A second nurse has to come to hold the torch to add to the cringe factor.

Luckily I saw the funny side of it and it wasn't my first contact with the gyne. I got the giggles part why through as I couldn't stop imagining I was in a third world country who didn't have the right equipment, not England. I'm still not convinced they were playing a joke on and one day my vagina and I will appear on a tv prank show! I was also a bit insulted about the size of torch she used, how big did she think it was down there?!

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Haha glad you were able to see the funny side!!! X


That is funny. But it's good to know you had a resourceful nurse. Someone else might have cancelled the appointment simply because she didn't have a pillow or a replacement lightbulb citing "elf n safety" for cancellation!


Ha ha this made me chuckle! I met a new consultant this week ahead of my surgery next week and he said "ooooooh cool I have never done one of these before" swiftly followed by "maybe I should cancel my all night rave the night before" lol his dicky bow just made it all the more funny!! Nice to have a giggle once in a while when it comes to Endo!! :)

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This has made me smile. Glad you could see the funny side of it.


Good old NHS! Suppose you are lucky it was the nurse & that she didn't slip on a banana skin and rope in the cleaner to take over!

I had a smear years ago and the nurse couldn't find my cervix, she said "you must have one, you have had children" she then told me to jump up and down on the spot for a few minutes to see if it would appear. Stripped down to top and socks and doing star jumps.Still couldn't find it. Anyway it was found eventually (not in lost property but by the doc who was obviously more proficient or a keen pot holer!


This tickled me a little :') And as everyone else said below, its great you were Able to see the funny side :')


Hehe this made me giggle - as did your story jvg69!! Glad you were both able to have a laugh about it :) x


Thank you this made me giggle. sorry u had this experience but its defo cheered me up after a dreadful week


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