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Depressed exhausted and in constant pain !!!

I feel I really need some help with no where to go, today I was supposed to go to work but could not get up my whole body aches with so much blood loss. I have literally slept all day and still do not feel any better.

I was supposed to have another lap in January (which would have been my fourth I have also had six months of prostap and mittens coil) but the op had to be abandoned as I went into anaphalactic shock and the doctors had to fight to save my life instead. I now can't have another op until they figure what caused my reaction? So for the last six months i have been in so much pain with no help at all! Can anyone offer any advice on what I can do to get on as normal everyday so I can keep my family and job as I fear I will loose it all very soon x

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Hi I know what you going through I am in constant pain in my pelvis and shooting pain down my leg I am waiting for a 2nd lap now the endo was everywhere with me and I bleed from my bowel I'm on constant painkillers I found a hot water bottle helps, I have reflexology and acupuncture also I'm taking evening primrose, magnesium, which helps with pain it's worth a try hope it's a bit of help


Hi, thank you so much for your reply it does help knowing others going through the same things x

How did u go about the acupuncture and reflexology? And is it expensive?


I'm having acupuncture through my gp but pay for reflexology which costs £20 but it's worth a try. X


Have you tried amitripticyline? it's a low dosage antidepressant that works as a painkiller, it's not often used as an antidepressant any more. My consultant gave it to me due to the secondary muscle and back problems I was having as a result of adhesions (found during lap causing pelvic pains) that are now causing bowel and bladder pains: it works really well as it helps me sleep, it feels like my muscles are finally being given a chance to relax. It's not perfect but I'm starting to manage my pain without popping a million painkillers a day. It's worth asking your gp about, you take it once a day at night x


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