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Any advice on getting back into an exercise routine after laproscopy?

I've been feeling really ill for months so haven't been able to exercise. I have just had a laproscopy to sort out endometriosis, cysts and fibroids. I'm still recovering, but hope to get back into an exercise routine to help support my health in the long term. What has worked for other people? I'd love any advice.

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I have found walking a good place to start. I could only manage shorts strolls around the block at first. Once I had got into a habit of walking more it became easier. I have recently been too ill to go far and I need to build my stamina up again. I have tried simple yoga positions and this has really helped.

Just getting started and getting over the initial exhaustion was the biggest hurdle for me. Good Luck x


I started on Bikram yoga something like 8 weeks after my laparoscopy. Before that after 1 month I went to the gym and did simple cardio. I asked my gp and she recommended to continue my routine just to hold off on ab work outs until I felt more comfortable.


Starting with small walks during my recovery, 10 mins and building up as my body allowed. I started a couch to 5k training 4 weeks after my first lap. I found some time after that some yoga really helps, relaxing also. Listen to your body, it will guide you in what feels right. Best of luck x


Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll start with the walks. I used to really enjoy yoga before all this started, so great to know that this can work again when I'm feeling a bit better. Rufio - also great to hear about couch to 5K - I was doing that before I got ill and would love to take it up again. Cheers!


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