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What do I I now???

I have been having painful periods and ovulation pain for about 18 months now. Been to the doctor, had two ultra sound scans that came back normal but still had pain. Went back to the doctor and he said from my symptoms he's positive that I have endo. I've been put on the pill which has eased the pain during periods but I still get a lot of discomfort in between. I have also had a dvt before and am now suffering a lot of leg pain with a varicose vein!!

I also get a horrible deep aching in my side, usually left but sometimes right side. It's always worse at night. Is this a symptom???

Any opinions and advice welcome as I feel awful at the moment.

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is your pain on the side where the ovaries are located? If so then you might have an endometrioma cyst in or near the ovary? If symptoms persists I would suggest to see a Gynaecologist and have a Laparoscopy procedure so that they can see what’s in there. I hope you feel better in the meantime. Take care x


Thank you for replying to me. I do get pain in my abdomen but this pain is above my hip, waist level. Sometimes it feels like it goes into my hip too?? I feel like I will have to push for a referral to a gynaecologist but think it's what I need x


Yes do go back to the docs and ask to be referred. To be honest, just before my laparoscopy last Friday and in the last couple of days, I’m also experiencing this side pain on the left and it’s not on the ovary. It’s weird. I’ll wait a few week to make sure I’m fully recovered from the surgery and see if the pain goes. Best of luck! x


Thank you 😊 I hope you start to feel better after your lap soon and hat the pain goes away xx

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Thanks very much lovely x


Hey my situation is kinda the same as yours. I was put on the pill which improved my periods so much but was still getting constant pain all the time. I had three ultrasounds that all came back normal. I have a deep aching in my bottom right side of my abdomen that can be worse at night a lot. I had my lap in feb and it came back that I don’t have endo but pelvic congestion (varicose veins in the pelvis) can cause so many symptoms like endo. My right leg has been affected since January as well getting same pains as my abdomen down it to my knee. Pelvic congestion is said to happen in people who have had children and stuff but I’m 19 and not overweight so it can happen in anyone so it’s worth a look reading into it xx


Thank you for your reply.

I do have a horrible varicose vein in my leg and have had 3 children so this is a possibility. Thank you, I will read into this x


I’ve been looking into it and reading a lot of blogs as I haven’t had my post op appointment yet but if you have any questions feel free to message me x


Thank you ☺️


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