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After 2 years of suffering in silence with ovulation pain & then period pain, experiencing on average 16 pain free days a month, I finally went to see my GP 3 weeks ago. She was FAB. Blood tests for everything including cancer markers & coelic disease - all of which I am relieved to say have come back negative, referred for a ultrascan on my abdomen & transvaginal scan, also a referral to see a Gynaecologist - who I have been to see this morning. SO this is the big plan; on discussion re symptoms etc. he feels I have endo & has arranged for me to have laparoscopic investigations with treatment if endo is seen, including D&C, laparoscopic sterilisation (am 44 & do not wish to have any more children), insertion of Mirena to assist with the raging PMT my poor husband has to suffer! & a hysteroscopy. It's a lot to take in at the moment & I got very emotional when I left the hospital, just thankfull really that I wasn't just imagining all this pain & that something is going to be done about it. I also am acutely aware having read on this forum that I have been seen & taken seriously very promptly, having read some of the stories on here has boken my heart & made me so very sad. So here's hoping my little journey with endo is going to be short lived. xx

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so pleased for you, well pleased things are happening i mean lol - i'm still waiting for my first lap. i went to my doctor just over a year ago after suffering quite badly for 2-3 years. i've had ultrasound, hysteroscopy, mirena fitted, an mri as gynae just told me to eat more fibre, the mri showed a large chocolate cyst on my left ovary so at least i know, and they know i'm not imagining it which is how i was feeling. i have to wait another 10 wks for another scan to see if cyst has grown or ruptured before my gp can refer me again to gynae xx


OMG. Really pleased you are getting sorted out. Would love to know name of your GP if only they were all so supportive! LOL x


WOW I am so happy for you, wish all Gynae doctors were so proactive. Fingers crossed all will be sorted soon for you x


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