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Emergency scan

I collapsed on Saturday with severe abdominal pains. I was taken to hospital. They gave me some declofenac and morphine for the pain but didn't really do much. Waited around for 5hrs to be told I'd be given an emergency scan on Tuesday. They think it's probably cysts again or just my endo. I'm due to have another laparoscopy in 3 weeks anyway. Hope they find something!

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Hi, I was in a similar situation to you a couple of months ago where I collapsed in agony and ended up in hospital for nearly a week on codeine & morphine. I had a scan and x-ray but nothing showed up. It was put down to my endo as it was around my period. It's frustrating when nothing shows up despite being in agony but hopefully they can help you find something that will help.

Good luck x


I had the scan this morning and nothing of note was found. I have a small cyst but was told this was unlikely to be the cause of my pain. I've been given tramadol, diclofenac and morphine to help with the pain until I'm operated on later on in the month. I was given the option of starting GnRh but my surgeon said he didn't want me to have that until after my laparoscopy.


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