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lap + endo lasered advide please

Hey, my story is that im nearl 20 I was diagnosed at 16 by lap and had endo lasered, been back and forth and theyve decided to do another lap and endo lasered to see if its spread ect and to releive some pain.

So I have had a lap before but this was in 2009, has anyone got any advice, tricks, tips to help?

p.s. last time I was on a lot of codine and was severely constipates so this time at least I can be more aware of that :)

Hope your all okay xx

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Hello just be prepared : )

take cushion to hold on stomach when you go home in car and for if you laugh you can hold it on your stomach to stop it hurting , take it easy , take a over night bag just incase needed, take food because you be hungry when u come around but they give you food but they dont seem to want to lol make sure you got enough meds when i came out hosp from lap i had the meds for a while and then i had none left so i had to be in pain for 24-48 hours! until i had more.



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