Chest pain with endometriosis

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help. I have been told that i may have endometriosis and was put on the pill. (I am also on the implant but was told this was ok) i have been taking it for about a month and pain is still the same if not worse. I am now experiencing pain in my chest all the time like a tightness and it scares me. I also struggle as in my job i have to talk alot and i find myself in a lot of pain in my chest and ribs when im talking.

Is this normal. I have rang the hospital and my appointment has been brought forward.

I did have a chest scan just over a month ago which came back clear and my scan has also come back clear.

Any advice is appriciated

Kind Regards


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  • Hi I can't be of any help except to say for the last two weeks I've suffered from horrible reflux or gastritis ! I find it hard to swollen food feel like my gullet is all inflamed pain in chest and back . Recently I've been getting a horrible pain walking outside when the cold air hits my chest? I have suffered from reflux for years but I think it's linked to my endo ! The chest pain / hiccups and horrible sensation in my gullet is scaring me but I also realise that is gong to make the pain worse! Hate this disease . Good luck finding some answers!

  • Thank you. I hope they can help. I know what you mean about the cold. Its when it hits you and you struggle to breath. Coughing and hiccups hurt me too. I am starting to realise that endo is very common. I had never heard of it before!

  • I have endometriosis too, but the pain is not in the chest but in the abdomen. This is a very hard time for me so i want to give you some practical advice to avoid such pain. I take some medicine before, but they do not have the function. Therefore, I think it is a necessity to find a natural way.

  • I have it in both my chest and my abdonomen. I get shooting pains and it makes me keel over in pain. :( i was taking painkiklers but it is not making any difference :(

  • Painkillers are not effective in the long term, and that's how I feel after I take painkillers for a time. I reccommend you to find a alternative way to stop your pain. Just like me, I take some medicine for a time, and it turns out to be effective.

  • I have chest pain and pain under my ribs, the gynae doesn't think it's related but I definitely do.

    Sorry you are going through this too 😔

  • What do they think is causing it then if they dont think that it is related?

  • They are saying anxiety. I'm really not happy with that as an answer.

    I always get rib and chest pain before my period, it's getting more frequent now too.

    I have started to keep pain diary so I can show pattern.

  • See thats what i dont get. My pain isnt just before my period or when im due its all the time and it has been now for 11 weeks and i have had enough of it. It like period pains but all the time. And then sharp shooting pain.

  • Are you on an estrogen pill? Chat pain if not during your period could be caused by a blood clot.

  • I got put on the combined pill but i have the implant aswell.

  • I would go in to the hopsital to check for a blood clot just to be safe. The combined pill can cause blood clots in people, esspecially the newer generation ones

  • I have my appoimtment on the 31st so will ask. I hate having this pain. Its always there then all of a sudden sharp and shooting :(

  • If it is a blood clot you do realize you have a chance of dying right?

  • Im sure its not and i worry easily and dont want be thinking negitivly as it will make me worse.

  • I get chest pain too! I've been to a and e twice because they thought it was dvt (a blood clot) which it wasn't and yours most likely isn't either. Mine is sometimes linked with my period and sometimes not like the 2 a and e trips were when it randomly got really bad for several days. The doctor also gave me anti-reflux medication because he thought it was that, which it wasn't either. Sorry this isn't v explanatory but more to say I kind of have the same thing so it's probably the endo! And try not to worry x

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