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Just wondering.. How many sufferers were breastfed as babies (for 6 months or more)?

I was breastfed for 10 wks and them put on formula, and then Wysoy (1976/7 version), when I became lactose intolerant. I couldn't breastfeed my daughter as the piece of placenta they left behind after my c-section made my hormones still think I was pregnant. Then after a d&c I started to get it back and have carried on feeding her. Think it may actually be helping the pain a bit. Just wondering if there was something in my early milk that made me predisposed to have endo? Idle thoughts of someone recovering from a lap...

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I was x


I was breastfed for 9 months and have endo, eczema and allergies. My bro was only breastfed for a very short while and he has no health probs. Several people I know have breastfed and their children have eczema and skin probs xx